** Stuff for Sale (14/01/2010)

This is simply a page listing the various books, items and goods I am keen on selling. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  • All prices are in US$ and are final. *Minor* discounts will  be given if you buy multiple items, and you’ll save on shipping as well.
  • I do not accept returns. But you have my assurance that the descriptions being listed here accurately and truthfully reflect the state/condition of the respective items.
  • Regarding whether I can be trusted: All I can say is that I believe in doing honest business, and thats its not worth sacrifing my reputation and the integrity of this blog for the sake of a few extra dollars that I don’t really need.

Sell List

1. Blue Submarine No. 6 Blue Fleet Boxset
Price:  $105
Condition – Very good (opened; but not used)

This comprehensive BS6 boxset is usually sold in Yahoo Japan Auctions, Amazon.jp and other Japanese online stores for 15,000 Yen (US$165) and above. The boxset contains 2 booklets, 3 DVDs and 3 music CDs. A 1/1000 scale model of Blue 6 is NOT included in the set I’m selling. For more details, kindly see here: https://ticktank.wordpress.com/official-media-soundtrack/


2. (同人誌)  Doujinshi  – “Nameless Dance of Agrius” by TXT Tyabo (Adult +18 only)
Theme: Final Fantasy Tactics
Price: $25
Condition – Very good (unread)

A romantic+erotic short comic on Agrias and Ramza of FFT. As with the circle’s previous releases, the story and sex are tastefully illustrated. TXT Tyabo is one of the more prominent circles devoted to producing FFT-related fanworks.



3. (同人誌)  Doujinshi  –  “Heartache & Loneliness” by Samidaregiri (Adult +18 only)
Theme: Final Fantasy Tactics
Price: $25
Condition – Very good (unread)

First sold at C75 (December 08), this 20+ page doujinshi presents a story about Ramza and Agrias discovering their umm…sexual urges for each other. Yes its hentai, but the dialogue and art is very well done.



4.  (同人誌)  Doujinshi  –  南極へ行こう “To Antarctica” by Pigeon Wharf (Sold)

Theme: Blue Submarine No. 6
Price: $25
Condition – Very good (unread)

A rare Blue Submarine No. 6 doujinshi produced by a low-profile circle in 2000. Details on the contents can be found in my writeup here: https://ticktank.wordpress.com/2008/08/19/to-antarctica/



5.  (同人誌) Doujinshi  – B.O.W.とヒトとの交配実験報告書 by キャンドゥーなう (Adult +18 only)
Theme: Resident Evil 3
Price: $25
Condition – Very good (unread)


Hentai comic involving Jill Valentine and the Nemesis creature from RE3. Pretty rare find and a decent buy if you’re a Jill fan, like me 😛

6. (同人誌) Doujinshi  – Rockman – Gundam by Plankton (Adult +18 only)
Theme: Classic Rockman/Megaman; Gundam (2 pages)
Price: $20
Condition – Very good (unread)

A hentai comic on classic Megaman, involving the titular character and his ‘sister’ Roll. Both characters are NOT illustrated in an underage or ‘loli’ manner, for those who are curious. Last 2 pages is a non-hentai short comic on Gundam. Doujinshi is about 20+ pages.



7. (同人誌) Doujinshi  – Macross Frontier by T2 Artworks (Taka Tony) (Adult +18 only) (Sold)
Theme: Macross Frontier
Price: $35
Condition – Very good (unread)

A hentai Macross Frontier doujinshi published by the famous Taka Tony (aka T2-Artworks); first sold in C74. Like his other published works, this doujinshi contains 10-12 highly detailed and beautiful color illustrations, and a B/W comic involving Sheryl, Ranka and Alto.


8. (同人誌) Doujinshi  – The unfortunate MIss Oaks; 不幸騎士 by Da Hootch (Sold)
Theme: Final Fantasy Tactics
Price: $25
Condition – Very good (unread; sealed)

Yet another FFT doujinshi on Agrias, this time involving monsters and tentacles rather than Ramza 😛 . This 30+ page comic was first released in C75, and was sold out very quickly. Managed to get a new copy off Melonbooks before they ran out of it too.



I only accept PAYPAL because its reliable and easy. Please note also that the Paypal account doesn’t have to be from you – it could be owned by someone you know in real life etc. In such cases, I would be charging you through the account owner. But in all honesty, try to get an account for yourself. It only requires a creditcard/bank account and its fast.


I will ship all items to you via EMS (Express Courier) by default. Depending on your country, EMS may be called something else, so check with your postal service. EMS is very fast, reliable and comes with a tracking number, which I will give to you once the item has been posted. EMS IS NOT CHEAP. Because I am in Asia, shipping to e.g. the USA will cost about US$30. The tracking number will help make things transparent – I want the stuff you paid for to reach you, as much as you do 🙂 . If you want your package to be insured, let me know as well (you bear the additional costs).

If you wish to save cost and have the items shipped via a cheaper method like surface mail or standard AM (i.e. one without a tracking option), I am most willing to do so. However, I will NOT be responsible if the item goes missing/fails to arrive and you will not be refunded. Honestly? Use EMS and make things easier for the both of us.

Process Flow

1. Email me at ticktank-at-gmail-dot-com and state what items you wish to buy, and the country that you wish the goods to be delivered to.
2. I will give you a shipping cost estimate with the appropriate shipping pricing list for your reference.
3. Once both sides have agreed to the final cost, I will send a payment request via paypal to you.
4. Once payment has been received, I will ship out the items within 3 working days, and give you the tracking number.

2 Responses to “** Stuff for Sale (14/01/2010)”

  1. Ticktank,

    I’m interested in making a purchase and have contacted you at your gmail address.

  2. Hi tictank, its kinglear. I’m interested in making another purchase (the Blue Fleet Box).

    If you’re still selling it then I’m definitely interested.

    But I have a few questions I need to ask concerning it.

    I’ll contact you via email.

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