Comiket 75 (コミケット) Day 3: Mission accomplished; no casualties

**Warning: Sexual content (cartoon nudity) on this page. Do not proceed if you’re not of legal age or don’t want to be.


And so it ends. 4 months of waiting and saving, 1 month of planning, and about 20 combined hours of standing and walking over 3 days. Was it worth it? Definitely 🙂 I joined the queue at 8.50AM, and managed to get in at 10.30AM – a mere 30 minutes after the doors opened. Strangely, the crowds inside the convention weren’t any less thick, and goods were being snapped up just as fast as the previous Comikets.

BTW up yours Weatherman for wrongly predicting “heavy rain” on day 3 when it was sunny and cool. I wasted bag space on a raincoat!

My doujinshi acquisition ‘success’ rate for Day 3 was 14 out of 15 – over 90% and a new record for me. The one that got away? A delicious FFT Agrias doujinshi by the circle “Da Hootch”, which was sold out when I was just 2 meters from his table (while in the queue of course). In retrospect, I really shouldn’t have made those unplanned detours. Gah! [Update 16/01/2009]: I managed to pick up 2 copies of this from Toranoana before it was sold out again. Willing to sell 1 (see “stuff for sale” link on the right column)

Here’s some of the hentai loot I got in the 5 hours I was there. Yes yes my tastes are predictably old school. FF, Megaman, Resident Evil & Macross mostly.


With another 2 hours or so to burn I decided to aimlessly line up for Range Murata’s works once again (like I did in C74). To my surprise, his normally-crowded table only had less than 10 people in the queue, and there still were boxes of his goods stacked behind the counters, just waiting to be sold. I bought the only product his circle was selling – an illustration book titled “All the way home”. What interested me more however was the advertisement flyer that a member of his staff was handing out (left, in the screenshot below). It seems that he is planning to release (in April 2009) a commemorative (?) artbook containing illustrations of his previous works, notably Last Exile, Mardock Scramble and most important of all, BLUE SUBMARINE No. 6! No details on whether these are old illustrations (which have been released before) or new art, but it doesn’t matter to me, I’m still gonna buy it 😛 . Its supposedly a commercial item that can be found at shops/ordered online, so do keep watch on as April approaches if you’re planning to grab a copy.


Once again, I paid a visit to Saigado Publishing to purchase some of their new and old works. Queuing up took me about 5-10 minutes, but it was worth it. I wonder how he feels when he sees his work being peddled on numerous ripoff PAY sites…


09Factory was the only circle doing BS6 works this time, so his table was a first stop for me. As expected from the cover, Mutio is once again the main subject in this 6-page doujinshi (contents are B/W, self printed and stapled) strangely titled (in English!) “How do you like Wednesday?”. Bought 3 copies at 200YEN each, willing to let go 1. And similar to C74, I spotted only 2 neat stacks of doujinshi on his table, amounting to no more than 100 copies I estimate. Lets see if someone puts the scans up online…


This will most likely be my last Comiket until at least 2010, barring unexpected circumstances. I’m not gonna gamble on the possibility of being allowed to spend a few days of my honeymoon in C77, but then again, women are unpredictable. Happy holidays and happy 2009 folks!


~ by ticktank on December 30, 2008.

4 Responses to “Comiket 75 (コミケット) Day 3: Mission accomplished; no casualties”

  1. Different title…

    Apparently, “How do you like Wednesday” is a Japanese TV variety series (thank you, Wikipedia), so I’m guessing this is a variety of depictions of Mutio?

  2. “Lets see if someone puts the scans up online…”
    I’m too tired to search an absurdly complicated Japanese filesharing program for 2 days straight. Maybe tomorrow.

  3. Oh but I do see a new cyclone Nanoha doujin in your collection there, which is just fantastic. Of course, that one’s bound to find it’s way onto the net sooner or later. Shame Blue Sub isn’t as popular.

  4. Cloudrunner said: I’m too tired to search an absurdly complicated Japanese filesharing program for 2 days straight. Maybe tomorrow.

    I’m doing it right now. And yeah, share, winny, and perfect dark all suck.

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