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Hi and welcome! There seems to be a dire lack of English BS6 OVA webpages around these days. The purpose of this little web project of mine is twofold – to kill boredom, and to hopefully provide to the fan community a simple English-language information database on the Blue Submarine No. 6 (BS6) Universe.

This site can be navigated the same way as any other blog; Feel free to post a comment on the relevant articles; its part of the reason why I decided to host this project on a blog. Its easier for us fans to share our opinions this way. I’ll be populating this blog progressively over the next few months. We’ll see how far I can go 🙂 Hope you enjoy your stay here.

**Please Note: Many articles in the information database contain plot spoilers

– Ticktank ( 23/07/2008 )


20th July 2009

The BLUE DOME is a year old! Thanks everyone for your support. Gift art is enclosed:


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Site is now in Archive Mode

There comes a time when a fansite on a finished/concluded anime series would have very little if anything new left to talk about, and we see plenty of such examples everywhere. Rather than just letting the site slowly collect dust without any mention of whats next, I personally feel that its important to be clear about these things, and not leave your visitors hanging without a clear ending being articulated to them.

What this means is that the Blue Dome will no longer be updated as often as before… perhaps even rarely. But as long as there is NEW information on BS6 (new Comiket items, a SEQUEL etc.), I’ll be sure to put it up. Another guarantee – this site will never be taken down at least for the next few years, unless WordPress starts charging for their services. It will continue to exist as a hopefully useful information resource. I will also continue to answer emails and comments where possible.

Thank you fellow BS6 fans for your support over the past 2 months. Its been very fun!

– Ticktank (20/9/2008)



All information and characters pertaining to Blue Submarine No.6 are © and the property of Satoro Ozawa, Toshiba EMI Ltd., Bandai Visual Co. and GONZO. I do not own this information, nor am I trying to make money off them. For God’s sake don’t sue me please, this is just an unofficial fan site!