Katsuma Nonaka (野中勝馬)

  • Age: 27
  • Nationality: Japanese
  • Occupation: Grampus Pilot & Trainer 
  • Appearances: OVA, PS1, DC 

BIOGRAPHY (Source: 青の6号 DVD Character Files)
He was an upperclassman during Hayami’s years at the International Naval Academy; they were on the Grampus Development Team together. To learn about Zorndyke’s true intentions, he disobeyed orders and went to the South Pole and encountered the Zorndyke Fleet. After letting Hayami escape, he was never to be found again. 

My thoughts & opinions
Katsuma is, like Huang, another enigmatic character in the OVA. Besides being Hayami’s teacher and colleague in the Grampus Research Project, Katsuma may have also had connections with Intelligence/Espionage agencies within Blue Fleet. (How did he get that photograph?)

I see him as basically a principled character with a good sense of foresight/independent thought. He was arguably the first to suggest speaking to Zorndyke directly, and when that failed, bravely sacrificed himself to ensure of Hayami’s escape. Still, there are many questions that were left unanswered – How did he escape? How did he get back to the humans without getting shot first? How did he get those facial scars? These were some of the questions that weren’t addressed in the OVA nor BS6: Antarctica, although some additional dialogue does occur between him and Hayami, before the latter released him from his containment tank.

Its interesting to speculate what might happen to Katsuma after the OVA. He’ll probably not be very well accepted by the hybrids, since it was he who helped Hayami and Kino reach Zorndyke. Will he return to the humans again? Or live as a nomad? He and Mutio would probably get along and relate to each other quite well, given the similarities of their circumstances.


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11 Responses to “Katsuma Nonaka (野中勝馬)”

  1. My question is why was he saved at all? Who decided to turn him into a chimera/hybrid and why? Hayami quit Blue Fleet after Katsuma disappeared and fell into a depression so I think Katsuma was a childhood friend of Hayami’s or someone Hayami knew for a long time. There’s no way Katsuma’s death would have affected Hayami so much otherwise. The Hayami we see in the Episode 3 look like a relatively happy guy compared to Hayami after Katsuma’s death.

  2. http://heikkii.livejournal.com/
    Here is an intetesting story about Katsuma
    (Sorry, but it in Russian – I have not a good translaitor programm)

  3. Can someone post up fish pics of him!! In his you know!! Fish form!! XD

  4. Sorry Ethan, the best I could do is screen shots from the OVA.

  5. him being turned into a male mutio never made sense. and it was just wrong in my opinion, doesnt sound like Zorndyke, and i dont think his parahumans even know how to do so.

    • why wouldn’t it make sense?
      he’s a literal and figurative bridge between humanity and the chimera.
      why would he come back or be allowed to come back to lead them to the base? when they arrive there, katsuma simply leaves when given the opportunity. he doesn’t try to be a human and he doesn’t seem unhappy.

  6. I have a number of guesses why he was made a human mutant:

    1. Maybe they thought him being mutated would make him automatically turn against humans and work for the hybrids(but obviously they were too stupid to realize only the body changes, but the entity is still human).

    2. Maybe they wanted to use him as a sex slave for female hybrids to rape for pleasure(Like Verg does for the females), or for mutios to get pregnant by him.

    3. Maybe Zorndyke made him like that and retruned him back to Blue Fleet so he can either help them learn more about the hybrids, or to see if they will still ask for peace after getting this kind of reply(He still prefers to go with the pole-shift idea anyway).

    Other than that, there should no reason why he was mutated, because than the hybrids would accept this idea of peace, or execute him.

    Also I agree with the Anonymous comment above.

  7. “See you around, Hayami”…

  8. I don’t understand the point of Katsuma still being alive in episode 4. It seemed like he was on the brink of death in the other episodes. Why put him in that iron lung-esque device with they could’ve given him a water tank or something to swim around in? And him stopping the other Chimerans from attacking the Grampus didn’t make sense, either. Who is Katsuma to them?

    He didn’t even stick around to help them deal with Zorndyke, either. Wasn’t he the one that suggested trying to reason with Zorndyke in the first place?

    It seems like his role in episode 4 could’ve EASILY been given to Mutio. Sure, she was shamed by Verg, but at least she would’ve had a closer connection to the other hybrids than Katsuma did.

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