General FAQs

To be populated with answers to common questions.

What is Blue Submarine No. 6?

Blue Submarine No. 6 (Ao No Rokugo i.e. 青の6号 in Japanese) is a post-apocalyptic science-fiction manga by Satoro Ozawa, aimed at young adult audiences. First published in the 1960’s, a 4-episode OVA (anime) of the series was since released in 1998 by GONZO, featuring totally new characters and a markedly altered storyline. The OVA was released to international audiences in various language formats in 2000.

Why a blog? Why not a website or Wiki?

Mostly because I’m too lazy and unskilled to design a webpage. A blog is simply a lot more convenient. I’ve always found Wiki pages rather ugly, and there’s the issue of letting people edit your pages…

Some of your info is wrong; I disagree with your opinions on [character/article].

I do not claim to know everything about the BS6 universe, although I do try my best to ensure that the information is accurate. If you feel there are some glaring factual errors, do tell me and I’ll do the necessary corrections. As for disagreeing with my opinion, thats fine too. Use the comment box and hopefully we’ll have a healthy discussion about it.

Can I use the images on this site?

Unless I specifically state otherwise, please feel free to use them. Most of the images here are taken from elsewhere anyway. If you actually clicked on this page to find out, you’re a person of good morals.

Who’s that in your avatar?

That would be Dive-Man from Mega Man 4. He’s Blue…he’s designed like a submarine. I’m also a fan of the Mega Man series by the way 😛

Can you speak/understand Japanese?

My grasp of the Japanese language is * very very* rudimentary, so no. But I do happen to speak and write Chinese, which helps somewhat, as both languages tend to share many written characters that differ only in pronunciation. As of August 2007, I am 14 months into learning the language.

Can you sell me [listed item]? Can you help me buy/scan Doujins?

Sorry, but my answer to both is no. I can tell you what I know about where to find a particular BS6 item/book however, if you ask nicely! 🙂

Can I submit fan art/fiction/other works to this site? What are the guidelines?

First off, I’m honored if you are thinking of showcasing your stuff here. 🙂 Yes you can submit fan material, including stuff that isn’t done by you. However, should the owner want it removed, I will comply with no questions asked, so best is if you get permission first. Whether or not it gets posted depends on me, but I’m a pretty liberal person really. You can send stuff to me via email (can be found on the ‘About’ page), along with an optional description. Please credit/cite the source of the fan material.

WTH I see some hentai/nudity on this site. Why?! Any issues with submitting such material?

I like sex. It is nothing to be ashamed about, and should be embraced as long as its within the boundaries of good taste (see 1. below). In the case of hentai, no real people are getting hurt. Clear warnings will be given at the top of every page that contains such material, so please don’t feign ignorance. You CAN submit adult fan material, as long as:
1. It doesn’t depict children, mutilation or male homosexuality
2. My host i.e. Wordpress allows it. If they want it removed, then too bad
3. Its related to BS6 (duh!) 

Updated: 02/09/2008


4 Responses to “General FAQs”

  1. Hey there!
    I’m a huge fan of Blue Submarine No. 6, and was quite disappointed with the lack of English sites dedicated to this series. Thanks for putting this Web site up. Is there a fan participation/contribution section? My favorite character is Verg. I’m currently taking a 1:350 scale model of the IJN Nagato and converting it into the Nagato Wonder. It should be pretty cool, and if the progression works out I’d love to submit photos. Just a thought!

  2. Hi Dane.

    Thanks for the compliments! Yes, there is a section called ‘fan works’ where I’m planning to put up some info on fanfics, doujins and other fan created stuff. The section isn’t visible right now because I haven’t placed any articles in it.

    You’re more than welcome to submit pics of your model if you like. I’ll gladly put them up (and credit you of course). 🙂

  3. Sounds really cool. Would we be able to put up fanart that was created by other people as long as we link to the original source?

  4. Hi Kinglear,

    Yes, I’m *generally* fine with showing fanart that is not drawn by the person submitting it, as long as its within good taste i.e. my discretion. I think I’ll add this issue to the main FAQ, with more details.

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