Prismtone: Range Murata Anime Works (1998 – 2006)


  • Release date: 2010 June
  • Circle & Artists: Range Murata; Pasta’s Estab
  • Type: General Audiences
  • Characters: All BS6 anime and game characters
  • Status: Own
  • Rarity: Common (for now)


Sale details
Now available at and possibly many other retail/book stores in Japan.

Contents & opinions
After nearly 10 years following the release of Range Murata’s BS6 Azure: Character Filegraphy (details [here]), its about time this book was available. This 340-page treasure is pretty much a reprint of the Azure book, with about 4-5 additional pages of BS6 concept art that I’ve never seen before. The book also contains concept art of his other anime works (LAST EXILE etc) released throughout the stated time period, presented in a neat order with ‘tabs’ at the top of each page for easy reference. Names of characters are also stated above their corresponding concept art. One final note: most of the pictures are in black/white as they are sketches, but about 100 pages are in delicious colour. 

Artist info & availability
Widely available as of now at Amazon Japan:  A perfect second-chance for those of you who missed out on getting the now-super rare Azure Filegraphy and definitely worth the rather steep price. Range Murata’s pencil skills are showcased to the fullest extent here.

~ by ticktank on June 28, 2010.

3 Responses to “PRISMTONE: RANGE MURATA ANIME WORKS (1998-2006)”

  1. Yay, a new BS6 related artbook from Murata. The guy’s character designs are still pretty much the best out there imo/

  2. Just got my hands on this beauty at AX2010!

  3. I thought I would post a link to this for any perspective buyers:

    It’s a more detailed review of prismtone with some pics.

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