青の6号 Official Media & Soundtrack

A considerable amount of official BS6-related goods were sold in Japan, mostly during its heyday period (1998 – 2002). Will be doing up this list as time goes by.

1. 4 Episode OVA in various formats
2. 青の6号: Antarctica (Playstation 1)
3. 青の6号: 歳月不待人; Time & Tide (Dreamcast)
4. Official Books
5. Official Soundtracks
6. 青の6号: Digital Plus
7. 青の6号: Desktop Accessories

**Note: Please do not ask me to scan/upload/sell you items. Short of me developing a sudden intense hatred for all things BS6 (quite unlikely), I’m very much keeping them 🙂

1. 青の6号: OVA (4 Episodes)

Since 1998, the 4-episode BS6 OVA has been released in just about every format – VHS, DVD & LD, with several revisions and digitized versions also added along the way. I’ll just be covering the latest ones.

青の6号: Blue Fleet Box (Status: Own; non limited-edition only) 


The Blue Fleet Box was released in 2004 by GONZO & Toshiba EMI in Japan only, and is without a doubt the best edition for any serious BS6 fan to collect. This box set contains the following:

  • 2 OVA DVDs, with 2 of the episodes on each DVD
  • 1 Bonus DVD (Visual Archives), containing interviews, character biographies and all the material from the Digital Plus featurette.
  • 3 soundtrack CDs, one of them for the music in 青の6号: Antarctica.
  • A 30-page booklet (“Undersea Archives”) containing some rare official BS6 illustrations, an interview with Satoro Ozawa, character biographies and notes on the show’s production process. 
  • A promotional poster of THE THRILL.
  • DVD menu guide/list 
  • A 1/1000 scaled model of Blue Submarine No. 6. (Limited editions of the Blue Fleet Boxset only)

This boxset is still readily available from most Japanese online stores, mainly Amazon.co.jp., as well as Yahoo Japan Auctions. Most of the ones on offer are pre-owned and/or are not the limited edition versions i.e. they don’t contain the sub figurine. The real gems however are the 3 soundtrack CDs, Digital Plus DVD and the 30-page booklet. English language and subtitles are available for the OVA episodes only. Expect to pay up to US$150 for the set, and perhaps more if it is the limited edition version. Well worth the money if you’re a serious fan though. (Note: Region 2 DVD code)

Blue Submarine No. 6 – Anime Legends Complete Collection (Status: Own) 

Non-Japanese audiences should be most familiar with this version. This 3-DVD set was released by Bandai Entertainment in 2007 outside Japan, and is still widely available online. Look for cheaper copies on Ebay if you want to save money. The 3rd DVD – Digital Plus, is basically an ‘English’ version of the original Japanese release, containing information on the BS6: Antarctica game as well as interviews with the OVA staff. Overall, its not as complete as the Blue Fleet Box, but is a hell lot cheaper. They also snuck in some annoying trailers and advertisements for other Bandai releases. One huge plus however is the presence of English subtitles in the Digital Plus DVD, most notably in the BS6 Antarctica FMVs, so yes, we finally get to understand what some of the new cutscenes are about. English subtitles weren’t available in the Blue Fleet Box Edition.

2. 青の6号: Antarctica, Playstation 1

(Status: Own)


Release Date: October 2000; Published by GONZO, Bandai Emotion & Toshiba EMI

A BS6 playstation 1 game that was released shortly after the conclusion of the OVA. Sold only in Japan, this game was not very well rated by non-BS6 fans, and to this day sadly remains a relatively unknown item to foreign audiences. Copies of this can still be found on Amazon.jp or at retro-game shops in Akihabara. Strongly recommended for serious BS6 fans, as it contains over 30 minutes of new animation.

3. 青の6号: 歳月不待人 (Time & Tide), Dreamcast

(Status: Own)


Release Date: December 2000; Published by GONZO & SEGA

A particularly rare and costly game, sold only in Japan. Copies of this can still be found on Amazon.jp or at retro-game shops in Akihabara. Strongly recommended for serious BS6 fans. Review of the game can be found in a separate article on this site.

4. Official Books

青の6号: Graphical World (Newtype Graphical Illustration) (Status: Own)

Info: Printed on 2000/7/30 角川書店; 94 Pages; 2000YEN

This is the only official ‘data’ book on the OVA, but it contains more than enough information to get you familiarized with the series, assuming you can read Japanese. Much of the information and artwork has since been taken out and placed online and/or on the DVD, but there are several sections (story summary, background, terminologies) that are exclusive. Definitely worth getting if you’re a serious fan, and its still being sold on Amazon.co.jp if I remember correctly. Cheaper copies available on ebay. Note: Contents are in Japanese.

青の6号〈上〉& 青の6号〈下〉(ニュータイプノベルズ) (Official Novel; 2 volumes) (Status: Own)

Info: Printed on 1999/07/15 & 2000/03/15 角川書店; 250 Pages each

The official novel comes in two volumes, with each book containing some unique B/W illustrations not found elsewhere. The books were written by the original author of the BS6 universe and the director of the OVA. I can’t read Japanese, but I still bought them…they were going for 20YEN each on Amazon. Obsession indeed. They are still widely available on Amazon, Yahoo Japan auctions and ebay.

5. Official Soundtrack List

The soundtracks for BS6 have been sold numerous times, at first as single CDs. This was eventually bundled in the collector’s edition and the latest (2006) Blue Fleet Boxset (3 discs total). All music, including the unreleased soundtrack for BS6: Time & Tide were composed by THE THRILL.

READ: Password for music files below is BLUEDOME (all in Caps/uppercase)

Blue Submarine No. 6 Official Soundtrack [Disc 1] (Status: Own)

Track & Title


When played?


1. 青の覚醒


Opening credits of EP2; Ghost Ship Emerges


2. 006~潜航


Umigumo attack on Tokyo Harbour


3. 暗闇に気をつけろ


Ghost Ship attack on Blue Dome (Heavy Jazz)


4. 波紋


Song played from Hayami’s Radio. Also Marcello’s theme song in BS6: Antarctica


5. 哀愁のサブマリナー


Unused track in OVA; post-battle music in BS6: Antarctica


6. グランパス


Kino & Hayami VS Umigumos


7. 深海魚


Unused (as far as I know)


8. 006~進撃


Blue 6 battles the Musuca (Heavy Jazz). Awesome track! 🙂


9. みなそこに眠れ


Ending credits (Minasoko), Full version


Blue Submarine No.6 Official Soundtrack [Disc 2] (Status: Own)

Track & Title


When played?


1. 青の作戦


Main battle theme; Blue 6 and Kino & Hayami vs the enemy (Heavy Jazz). Another awesome track 🙂


2. 汚れた手


Start of EP4: Verg’s abuse of Mutio, destruction of Blue 1


3. 006~侵攻


Unused track


4. ちぎれた浮標


Unused track


5. 海獣

2 & 3

During Zorndyke’s Blue Dome speech; when Mutio is sitting next to Hayami (Mix of Mutio’s song).


6. のろわれたロンド


Unused track


7. Pole Shift


When Zorndyke introduces the Poleshift device


8. 南へ


When Zorndyke is bringing Hayami & Kino through the forest, to the Poleshift device


9. 006~彷徨


Kino’s argument with Zorndyke


10. Blue Bloom


During Hayami & Mutio’s ride on the Musuca


11. レクイエム


When Blue 6 attacks the Musuca


12. みなわに還れ


Verg’s confrontation with Hayami & Kino


13. みなそこに眠れ (short)


Ending credits (Minasoko), Short version


青の6号: Antarctica Original Soundtrack (Status: Own)

Track & Title


When played?




BS6: Antarctica main theme song


2. ザガロ・エステラのテーマ


Player interactions


3. Tree of Life~生命の樹


Player interactions; First introduction FMV


4. 青の覚醒


Title Screen


5. Blue Bloom


Player interactions


6. 006~潜航


Combat briefing; remix of Umigumo attack on Tokyo


7. 海獣

2 & 3

Meeting with Zorndyke


8. 青の作戦


Remix of main battle theme (awesome)



6. 青の6号: Digital Plus

(Status: Own)

The Digital Plus DVD was sold in 2000, about half a year before the release of the BS6: Antarctica game. It can be regarded as a ‘supplementary’ or extra material to the OVA. Narrated/hosted by a young Japanese actress whom I am unfamiliar with (resembles Ryoko Hirosue), this short 50-minute ‘documentary’ contains:

  1. A preview of the BS6 Antarctica game that was in development, including character introductions
  2. An interview session with the OVA and game’s staff, including Range Murata, Satoro Ozawa and Mahiro Maeda (the OVA’s director). Lots of interesting details and revelations here.
  3. Some new FMV footage in the BS6 Antarctica game
  4. Interview with THE THRILL.

As a standalone DVD that was priced rather high (2500YEN), it wasn’t really a worthy purchase. Thankfully however, the entire contents of this bonus DVD has been bundled together with the most recent boxsets (see above), so there’s no reason to purchase this as a standalone, unless you dig the cool picture of the new characters on the back cover (WARNING: Large image file):

7. 青の6号: Desktop Accessories

(Status: Own)

A particularly rare but nonetheless still official piece of BS6 merchandise, this ‘hybrid’ CD-ROM package contains screen savers, sound clips, movie clips and other computer related goodies to help give your desktop a BS6 theme. The box also comes with a keychain and mousepad. The Disc runs on Windows 95/98 and even on a Mac, but it works just fine on Vista as well. Details on this unusual item is explained in a separate post [here].

20 Responses to “青の6号 Official Media & Soundtrack”

  1. A link you might find interesting because it refers to another soundtrack you don’t have listed here:


    There’s also an interesting blue sub artbook called “azure” by Range murata I found online about blue submarine 6.

    Those novels are probably really interesting and give all sorts of insights into the Blue Sub 6 universe.

  2. Hi King Lear,

    Thanks 🙂 I am most aware of Henkouride’s lovely BS6 site (it gave me inspiration to start this one), but didn’t notice that 4th soundtrack listing on the page. I’ll probably ask him what he meant by ‘not for sale’. Could be a one-time thing or something, or too obscure.

    I hesitated about putting up the AZURE artbook in this section, as it wasn’t technically sold or endorsed as a GONZO product. I finally decided to post details of it as a doujin/fan work (at a later date). I do possess a soft and hardcopy of this artbook…burned about US$60 on the hardcopy 3 years ago on yahoo auctions. Oh well :/

  3. [Edit: Consolidated comments]

    So azure is not the same thing as the Newtype artbook?

    Also, I don’t listing it (azure) as a doujin/fanwork would be proper. Azure was created by Range Murata and he is one of the people who was behind the character creation in the OVA. It seems a little more official than a fanwork.

    Scans of azure aren’t very hard to find online in case you want a sneak peak at it first.

    Also, why isn’t the original Blue Sub 6 manga by Satoru Ozawa in here. It’s what the OVA was based on, and it was reprinted when the OVA was released.

  4. Very interesting. I’ve got the Newtype Art book and the first of the novels (The one with Kino on the cover). I’d love to find a copy of Azure, as I think Range Mutara’s style is very beautiful. I wasn’t aware of it until I saw the posts on this blog though, so I’ve got more things to hunt down. 🙂

  5. Email Me Dane! I’ll direct you as to were you can get a look at azure online. I’m curious as to how similar it is to the Newtype book.

  6. Hey Kinglear!
    You’re not going to believe this, but last night after I posted my comment on here, I thought “what the heck, I’ll check eBay!”… I found a copy someone was selling and pounced on it! 😀 If we need scans from it, I can help as soon as I get it. 🙂

  7. The Azure character filegraphy book has been scanned before, and can be found on torrent etc if you look hard enough. Won’t be putting all the images here though. Just 1-2, like the one in Gusuku’s profile.

    But hats off to you for getting a genuine copy. The mark of a true fan 😛 Hope you didn’t pay US$60 like I did :(.

  8. Well, with shipping + insurance, it came to about $60, but I have made a contact with the seller who lives in Japan, and he/she and I are discussing future acquisitions! 🙂 That’s great that there are images scanned online for fans.

  9. Will you be uploading any additional music from the game soundtracks? Please? 🙂

  10. No. I’m not here to promote piracy, and I don’t want to risk having wordpress shut down my blog. I’m sure you can find the soundtrack online if you look hard enough. Or just go buy it yourself and show your support as a true fan 😛

  11. True that 😀 I’ll hunt around for it some. I appreciate being able to listen to the intro theme!

  12. I take it you don’t have the manga then?

  13. Hi MsDuck

    Yes, I don’t have the manga series and don’t plan to buy them, but I have read a few volumes of the 1960’s version, and it really didn’t impress me that much.

    I must qualify however that this blog is mostly about the BS6 OVA (1998) and its related material. The storyline in the original manga is much different from the OVA. 🙂 Thanks for visiting!

  14. Thanks! 🙂 That’s probably the most i’ve found out about the manga. ^^;

  15. The download link for the Antarctica track is broken. Pity the Antarctica soundtrack is so hard to find: Nobody is selling the physical copy, and it doesn’t appear anyone’s ever uploaded a copy.

    • I’ll fix the link to the selected tracks once I have time (busy with work these few weeks). I’ve never and will not be putting up the entire soundtrack for policy reasons.

      Say please nextime 🙂

  16. Hey, could some one reupload the Antarctica track?

    I didn’t see it the first time, and hence didn’t download it.

  17. You need to update this page ticktank.

    It looks like blue submarine 6 was released on bluray recently!


    Could an english bluray release be far behind?

  18. Ah here’s some more information:


    Release date is August 27, 2010.

    In case anyone doesn’t know, bluray means HD video. You need a bluray player to play the movie (dvd player won’t work).

    Also according to the link I just posted the disc is region free and has ENGLISH SUBTITLES.

    • Hi King Lear,

      Nice to see you still heavily devoted to BS6. I’ve been busy with work and some other stuff lately; so no real time to update stuff. But I will get down to it. BS6 on Blue Ray sounds awesome indeed.

      On a related note; Range Murata is planning to release a massive compilation of his anime works some time this year (http://www.pseweb.com/page/news.html#rmaw) and I’ll probably update this page with both items eventually.

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