Fan Art Vault (Update: 31/03/2009)

This page serves as a simple gallery for fan artwork done by myself (gulp!) and those that I commissioned, usually from BBMBBF. Hope you enjoy your stay here :P. For more of my other art, you may wish to visit my Deviant Art section at (tend to update faster there)

**Please feel free to take them for your own use, but I kindly ask that you leave the artist’s signatures intact. And don’t put these on a ‘paysite’ FFS…

BS6 related fanart (New: 09/03/2009)

Face off bs6-foodfight

Other works & scraps (New: 31/03/2009)

MM9 - Splash Rescue mm91402 Villains of Gold Lightan mm9photo splash-flash 

Commissioned fanart (BS6 and non-BS6 related)

thank-you mutiokino recruitment-drive bs6collage21 hayamimutio4 Robots can blush

3 Responses to “Fan Art Vault (Update: 31/03/2009)”

  1. Is there really no way for us to see the “other” Hayami x Mutio pics?

    • Hi Hydra!

      Afraid its not possible for now. Most of the pics were commissioned for a friend, and we paid extra to keep them private. A couple of them however are for public viewing, so its up to BBMBBF to decide where and when to show them. Didn’t mean to tease sorry.

      Thanks for visiting 😛

  2. I’ve got some stunning artwork of cities, worlds and landscapes with people on them, I only wish these creators would see Blue Sub No6 and decide to make some utter stunning images for us all to enjoy, If I find some people that can do this, I will point them in the right direction, I beleave if Mutio’s or her people’s image is done properly, she can be the most stunning creature ever created.

    Might be over doing it a bit.

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