青の6号: Time & Tide (DC) – Movie List & Summary

Update: (3rd January 2009) Youtube links to the movies have been added. Many thanks to Kinglear for ripping these.

Please Read First:
This article contains a list of all the FMV (aka Movies) that were shown in the game, accompanied by a summary andexplanation of the events depicted in each movie. This game is pretty rare to find, and those available for sale online are quite expensive. Sometimes however, you may find this title bundled together with a Dreamcast Console auction (the best deal).


**WARNING: This entire article contains massive plot spoilers. You have been warned.

1. Opening Introduction (The ‘X’)

  • Occurrence: At the title screen
  • Summary: In the depths of some part of the oceans, a small submarine is navigating through some underwater caverns, its radar homing in on a particular structure. The scene cuts to the interior of a large, damaged submarine with the marking ‘X’ on its tailfin. Its interior is in a messy state, and seems to have been abandoned. Throughout the video, chattering can be heard between the (supposedly) Captain of this ship and its crew.
  • Comments: Opens up more questions than answers if you don’t know Japanese 😦 Perhaps this was during Bayard’s failed coup attempt.

2. Shin Sekai City

  • Occurrence: At the start of the game
  • Summary: A boat carrying a small orange Grampus is moving along the ocean, and Hayami is sitting on the machine, recalling the last moments he had with Katsuma, before he sacrificed himself to save him. He is interrupted by the boat driver and friend, Yung Jing, who informs Hayami that they have arrived at SSK city. The city is marked by several super tall skyscrapers, and a massive concrete wall surrounding them. They eventually park their boat at one of the old houses outside the walls of the city (the ‘rural’ area).
  • Comments: Never knew there could be such massive cities around, after what Zorndyke did to the world. Hayami’s still feeling guilt over Katsuma’s sacrifice, clearly.

3. Ran Fang’s Introduction

  • Occurrence:After visiting Zheng, and returning home.
  • Summary:A young Chinese girl observes Hayami from a crack in the window of a nearby house, and upon noticing him buying the dog from the other orphans, smiles at his apparent display of kindness, and runs out towards Hayami. She introduces herself as Ran Fang, a street orphan who has technical knowledge of submarines, and tries to strike up a conversation with Hayami (asking for his name, his job etc). Hayami treats her coldly and walks off midway, much to her surprise. She then follows him home.
  • Comments: Well, its typical Hayami all right. Aloof and cold as usual. Strange how he doesn’t outrightly tell Ran Fang to scram. She settles into Hayami’s home following this FMV, and can be seen playing a Dreamcast (!).

4. Chung Ying’s Introduction

  • Occurrence: Upon visiting the Pub, after completing the first 3 salvage missions
  • Summary:Hayami’s quiet drinking (and smoking) session at the local pub is interrupted by the arrival of a beautiful Chinese woman in red, who proceeds to sit next to Hayami and orders a drink from the bartender. She introduces herself as Chung Ying, and says that she has heard about Hayami’s salvaging skills, and wishes to buy his services to salvage 3 relics. Despite Hayami’s silence and refusal to look at her, Chung Ying hands him a large stack of money and a small disc containing information to the location of the first relic. Before leaving, she tells the bartender that her drink would be paid for by Hayami, or something to that equivalent. The bartender does not protest.
  • Comments: Typical Hayami again. Strangely unaffected by beautiful females (human and non-human). Chung Ying looks way too much like Ada Wong. We do not see Hayami taking the money, nor agreeing to Chung Ying’s request in the FMV by the way. The first salvage mission just becomes available afterwards in your menu.

5. The Ghost-Ship attacks SSK City

  • Occurrence: After breaking out of Prison and returning home
  • Summary:SSK city comes under heavy fire from the Ghost-Ship. Verg is gloating in delight (not sure exactly, but I did hear him mention Governor Cox’s name). Inside the hangar, the bridge crew of Blue 6 are making preparations to leave port and do battle, but Yuri says that Iga and Sidra have not returned yet.
  • Comments: Very similar to what happened at the start of OVA episode 2. City under fire, people screaming and running, and Blue 6 scrambling to depart.

6. Coastguard Problems

  • Occurrence: After successfully meeting up with the carrier ship
  • Summary:Hayami docks with the carrier ship and takes over the wheel, with Chung Ying beside him. They are suddenly interrupted by coastguards, who point their patrol boat’s lights and turrets at them. The guards order Hayami to stop the boat and surrender for investigations (presumably to do with the death of Cox). Hayami refuses and hits the accelerator, prompting the patrol boat to open fire. The bullets stop coming after awhile and we see a shadow casting over the carrier ship. Looking up, Hayami realizes that the shots are being blocked by the tailfin of Blue 6, which has finally left port. Inside Blue 6’s bridge, Yuri orders the coastguards to cease and leave, while Iga tells Hayami to ‘get moving’. The Blue 6 bridge crew signal collectively that they are ready to do battle.
  • Comments: The guards were speaking in Mandarin (Chinese dialect), which I could understand. It was a strange experience, but it helped reinforce my belief that SSK city is a futuristic version of Singapore. The final shot of this scene shows a full frontal view of the bridge, with all the crew members at their usual stations. Nice reference to the OVA 😛

7. Bayard’s Introduction

  • Occurrence:After Zheng kills his wife and her 2 bodyguards
  • Summary:Bayard removes the mask and disguise he is wearing, and finally reveals himself. Hayami and Chung Ying look shocked, and Bayard proceeds to explain his motivations (not sure because its in Japanese sigh). After his speech, he raises one hand and snaps his fingers. The massive tailfin of the X submarine suddenly emerges out of the water, right next to the ship (very cool), and Bayard heads inside the sub with Ran Fang in tow. Ran Fang shouts out for Hayami repeatedly, and he actually looks genuinely concerned for the first time.
  • Comments: This is probably the most crucial scene in terms of the story’s plot, and its a pity that I was unable to understand it. We also see the red “X” marking on the tailfin for the first time since the introductory FMV. I don’t know but…Ran Fang sounded eerily similar to Kino when she was shouting Hayami’s name. Was this intentional?

8. Ghost-Ship VS Blue 6

  • Occurrence:Shortly after the previous FMV
  • Summary:The Ghost-Ship and Blue 6 charge at each other head on, with Blue 6 swiftly side-stepping the first wave of torpedoes. We also see some torpedoes falling downwards from the ocean surface(wth?!). Blue 6 counters with a barrage of its own, and the view of forward area of the Ghost-Ship is blurred by multiple detonations. We don’t see any actual damage, although a loud screech could be heard (probably from the carrier whale). Yuri confirms that the target has been hit, but Yamada immediately informs that ‘its still approaching’. The Ghost-Ship emerges from the bubbles with guns blazing and Verg screaming hysterically (“kill!”). Blue 6 barely manages to dodge this barrage. The scene then cuts to Bayard releasing the X’s unmanned attack drones on Hayami, who speeds into battle.
  • Comments: The much awaited battle between Blue 6 and the Ghost-Ship finally occurs, and I must say it was really well done. Blue 6 actually seemed like a formidable opponent to the straightforward Verg. Now…how do I rip this FMV from the CD…

9. The ‘X’ Joins the Battle

  • Occurrence: After successfully destroying the first wave of attack drones
  • Summary: The Ghost-Ship and Blue 6 pass by each other via the sides with no shots being fired, and we can see that Blue 6’s hull has been damaged slightly, with oil leaking from the side. A wave of torpedoes suddenly detonate near both vessels, as a large sub approaches. Yun confirms on the radar that it is the ‘X’, and Iga mutters out Bayard’s name under his breath (he knows him?). Bayard announces his intention to battle against both Blue Fleet and Zorndyke, along with some other details I was unable to understand.
  • Comments: This is one part I don’t understand. How the hell could Blue 6 just strafe by the sides of the Ghost-Ship without being blasted at. It can’t stealth. The Ghost-Ship’s broadsides as we know are bristling with turrets, and the ship didn’t look damaged at all. The Chimerans were worried about inflicting damage on themselves if they fired too near? Unlikely…

10. Farewell Daughter

  • Occurrence: After successfully defeating the final (2nd) wave of attack drones
  • Summary: The battle is not going well for the humans. Blue 6’s propulsion system is destroyed by a torpedo, and inside the sub, we see Iga slouched on the floor and muttering to Yuri (not sure what was it he said). Yuri in turn is shouting towards the door (something to do with the ETA for repairworks to complete). The scene cuts to the Ghost-Ship, where a Chimeran informs Verg that Blue 6 has been crippled and is now a sitting duck. Verg gleefully orders them to head towards it.
    The already damaged X is similarly being torn apart by torpedoes. Inside the bridge, Ran Fang is curled up in a corner and screaming in fear as the room starts to tremble. Bayard calmly walks up to Ran Fang and kneels in front of her, and proceeds to ask her for the pendant on her neck. Ran Fang looks surprised for a moment but eventually complies. Bayard takes a small chip out of the pendant before returning it to her. He then carries her into a waiting escape pod at the side of the room and straps her in. Ran Fang seems confused and lost in thought, and just before the pod’s door closes, deduces that Bayard is her father. She yells out for him as he smiles and watches her through the glass panel. Ran Fang’s escape pod however malfuctions and remains attached to the submarine.
  • Comments: A pretty long and detailed scene, with a rather touching moment towards the end. Even with 2 Blue Fleet subs against him, Verg still gets the upper hand…

11. Final Sacrifice

  • Occurrence: After completing the final mission (rescuing Ran Fang).
  • Summary:Yamada warns of the approaching Ghost Ship, as explosions continue to  rock the submarine. Huang suddenly informs the bridge that the crippled ‘X’ is undergoing a ‘transformation’ (or something to that sort). We see the outer ‘shell’ of the X crumbling as the Granova emerges from inside. It rises to the ocean surface and starts to accelerate towards the Ghost Ship. The Ghost Ship turns all its guns towards the vessel, but it fails to stop it in time. Just before impact, we see Bayard staring at a photo of his wife and baby child (Ran Fang). The massive explosion engulfs the Ghost-Ship and sends both Blue 6 and Hayami’s Grampus rocking violently. Chung Ying witnesses the entire scene from afar.
  • Comments: Nice to see Verg getting owned for the first time. A really good concluding FMV imo; its clear that the animators paid alot of attention to details e.g. the Ghost-Ship looks exactly the same as in the OVA. Granova looks like one of those ships from Thunderbirds…


~ by ticktank on September 6, 2008.

3 Responses to “青の6号: Time & Tide (DC) – Movie List & Summary”

  1. The final fmv is up on youtube. You can find it by searching for “青の6号”

    Let me just say that that’s a pretty huge explosion. It looks like a small nuke. Why wasn’t the ghost ship destroyed? I know it’s tough, but it’s not that tough. Blue sub 6 was able to destroy the ghost ship with conventional torpedoes. Granted the Ghost ship had taken some damage before Blue 6 sunk it…

  2. thanks for posting these

  3. Sorry, about the low quality of some these ticktank. The Ghostship vs blue 6 video is especially bad, because you almost can’t see anything. Maybe I’ll re-rip everything into a higher quality video when I have time later.

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