Comiket 76 (コミケット) Day 3: Final Report

**Warning: Sexual content (cartoon nudity) on this page. Do not proceed if you’re not of legal age or don’t want to be.

C76catalogDay 3 of C76 will remain one of my more memorable ones for awhile. It sure seemed that there were a hell lot more people this time. Despite arriving at 7.30AM the waiting area by the East entrance was almost filled with people, and it was crowded inside all the way till 3PM. I don’t know how the Comiket organizers are going to handle the numbers, if the increase continues. I think the Big Sight is probably the largest event venue in Tokyo already. Well they could just eject Touhou Project circles. Ahem..nevermind 🙂

I also managed to get a nice tan and some sunburn on my forehead. Skin’s about as dark as a Hispanic’s now. On to the loot:


C76 Day 3

Despite what was featured in his circle cut, 09Factory was not selling any Mutio/BS6 related doujinshi this time…a disappointment indeed. Oh well, that effectively makes BS6 non-existent in this comiket.

C76 Day 3 - FF

A Rydia mousepad with boobs as wrist support. How could I resist? Now to convince the girlfriend that its for my own good…

C 76 Day 3 - MM

Did some proxy shopping for Megaman related doujinshi as well. These 2 books in the front (install 0 and install 1.5) are about Megaman Zero.

The one that got away.

I knew it was going to be trouble when Tony (T2 artworks) announced that his work was gonna be about EVANGELION this time. Its no secret that half the damn world is a fan of this its-cool-coz-the-ending-is-confusing series. I’m not into Evangelion. I just like Tony’s art 😦 But never did I expect the queues to be that long.

Holy fuck the lines stretched across almost 2 hallways outside, in the sick 34degree C heat. And the worst part? I was like 4 rows from the counter (after FOURTY minutes of waiting) when they announced that they were out of goods. Booooooo! 


Off to Akihabara for some post-Comiket shopping (and more queuing).

By the way: I’m open to selling most of the items featured here. Just a matter of discussion. Drop me a note on email if you’re interested. Dumb underaged kids need not bother.

~ by ticktank on August 17, 2009.

One Response to “Comiket 76 (コミケット) Day 3: Final Report”

  1. Damn disappointing to hear there was no new blue sub 6 material…

    Nice mouse pad though.

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