Comiket 76 (コミケット) Day 2: Touhou Project sucks

**Warning: Sexual content (cartoon nudity) on this page. Do not proceed if you’re not of legal age or don’t want to be.

C76catalogDay 2. Not as hot as Day 0 or 1, but it was tough in a different way –  The crowd control was pretty bad this time round, for reasons unknown. Lines completely stopped moving within the halls now and then, and crossing between the East and West hall clusters took alot longer. Worse, people were made to queue and stand inside the tunnel of horrors. The FUCKING TUNNEL OF HORRORS. I was lucky to have started in the East halls before crossing over to the west. The queues were slow but at least they were moving. The queue in the opposite direction however was hellish, and I felt really sorry for the thousands of people standing and melting inside the tunnel. Whoever’s idea was to NOT turn on the airconditioning inside the tunnel AND keep the glass windows CLOSED needs to be fucking shot. It was boiling hot inside, and the stench was unbearable. I think some people fainted too.

Of course, much of this could have been avoided if there weren’t so goddamn many Touhou Project Circles this time. Annoying little fairies.

C76 Day 2

Lots of nice Megaman goods this time round. One particular one worth mentioning is this fanbook showing the various classic MM robot masters in their ‘alternate’ female versions. Really cute imo.

C76 Day 2 - MM

C76 Day 2 - MM2

Another big haul of FF doujinshi. Tough part (besides the crowds) was navigating past the FF yaoi circles without tearing your eyes out. Goddamn Sephiroth x Cloud crap makes you never want to watch Advent Children again. Was really pleased to obtain another of TXT Tyabo’s FFT doujinshi though. Can never get enough of it 😛

C76 Day 2 - FF

And that concludes Day 2. Some people ask me why I’m so into smaller circles and not-so-popular genres, instead of the mainstream ones. The simple truth is that most of the newer stuff simply don’t appeal to me, and its sort of a blessing now that I think of it. Considering the huge number of Gundam/Touhou Project circles in every Comiket, if I were crazy about these genres I’d go broke buying up their related works (I have no qualms spending liberally on things I’m passionate about).

~ by ticktank on August 15, 2009.

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