Comiket 76 (コミケット): Field Preparations (update: 6th August)

**Warning: Sexual content (cartoon nudity) on this page. Do not proceed if you’re not of legal age or don’t want to be.


 A chance to update the blog at last :P. With C76 approaching, its time for the usual shopping list post. Unlike previously, I am willing to *consider* purchasing items listed here. Drop me a note via email if you’re interested and aren’t some dumb kid with no means of paying electronically.

Note: This list is not complete. I don’t have the energy or desire to write commentary on every circle I’m going to attend (which is alot).


  • First up on my list would be good ol’ [09Factory], who, as his circle cut has indicated, will be selling yet another BS6 Mutio doujinshi. Here’s to hoping it’ll be 50 pages thick and colored hehe. JK obviously. Any BS6 fan work is good enough.  


  • I’m a shameless fan of the FFT Agrias/Ramza pairing, so its no surprise therefore that I’ll be visiting [TXT-Tyabo’s] circle once again. For the uninformed, this circle is quite well known for producing tasteful FFT Ramza/Agrias hentai, and they possess the amazing ability of coming up with new engaging plots (that always lead to sex) everytime. Overall however, there seems to be alot less FFT circles this time round…



  • …But this is compensated by a HUGE selection of FF4, FF4TA, FF5 & FF6 circles. It’ll take about 4 posts to list all the FF circles I’m planning to grab stuff from (yes, I’m going on a rampage this time), so I’ll just mention a few prominent ones – [AN-ARC], [Samaredagiri] & [1st M’s].

 c76-AA c76sama 

  • [Goldrush] is another well-known artist/circle in the heavyweight (i.e. super long queues) category. I’ll be attempting to queue for his goods for the first time. His artwork is characterized a nice combination of crisp black lines and solid cell-style shading – the style of art I desire to  have. He’ll be selling multiple works, and most of them are costly (1000YEN+). Still cheaper than buying them on YHJA or Ebay though.


  • Saigado Publishing & [AZASUKE] will be there on day 3, and are conveniently placed rather near each other. IMO, any hentai artist seeking to improve their anatomy drawing skills should use these 2 artists as references. I can’t think of better examples. To show my appreciation and support of these artists, I will be buying their works.


  • Tony (T2 Artworks) will be getting a visit from me if I have some leftover time. I’m a sucker for his works now…even if the genre is of no interest to me. His pencil skills are simply amazing.


  • My sister, still caught up in her Link x Midna worshipping, has once again requested (demanded) that I buy her doujinshi on this pairing. Too bad for her, there are only a handful of such circles this time round, with the 2 main ones being [Dogear Tile] and [Riolabs]“. Personally, as a 1st generation LOZ player, I think Link needs to stop flirting with flying black imps or peasant girls, and just bone Zelda before she gets too old (and saggy).


  • To this day, SDF Macross (the one from the 80’s; AKA Robotech part 1 for US folks) remains my favorite anime of all time. So its awesome to know that [ふすま御殿] will be producing H-doujins on the series. Ah..who cares if my childhood innocence is already shattered. Sex pwns. Oh…and while Macross Frontier is decent, it still doesn’t compare to the classics.

C76macross2  C76macross1

Overall, C76 is looking to be rather different from my last few visits. While certain favored genres like Megaman, BS6 and FFT will be in shorter supply, the general quality of the remaining doujins are noticibly better than before. Can’t complain really.

Before I end, I’d like to remind everyone to stay healthy and get your flu vaccinations early. The threat of H1N1 is not over yet. Oh yeah. And to hell with Touhou Project and its cast of boring little critter girls. Boooooooo….


~ by ticktank on August 6, 2009.

2 Responses to “Comiket 76 (コミケット): Field Preparations (update: 6th August)”

  1. neat ^^ I’m also preparing my battle plan .. although I have only one objective XD as long as I complete that, the rest is optional

  2. Awesome, more Mutio doujins!

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