Comiket 76 (コミケット) Schedule – WOT DA FOUK?!

Comiket 76 is a go for me. 🙂 Its great when your life partner is so accommodating. There’s a possibility that it may be cancelled/postponed because of the H1N1 flu situation though. Lets hope not. 

The event schedule for C76 has been put up on the Comiket Website [Link]. Looks to be the almost the same as C74, with genres being shuffled around a little.

The biggest and most annoying change however was for day 2 – instead of concentrating all the circles doing game-related doujinshi in the East Halls like they usually do, the game:RPG circles will now be re-located to the West Hall cluster; exchanging places with the “東方 Project” i.e. Touhou Project circles. Seriously…W. T. F?!

This change effectively forces people who are hunting for game related doujinshi i.e. me to visit both the East and West hall clusters, and experienced visitors will know that this is an extremely tiring thing to do, especially in the Summer heat! This is so gonna disrupt my scheduling for that day. There is now an increased risk of losing out on purchases because of the time needed to travel between the 2 clusters. Just awful.

The main reason for this rearrangement seems to be an unexpected(?) increase in the number of circles producing Touhou Project related works, enough to force the organizers to grant them coverted East Hall space. For those not familiar, Touhou Project  is a completely original fan-made SHOOTER GAME, populated by a large cast of (IMO) dull female characters. For reasons unknown the game was very well received by the anime community, and people started producing all kinds of fanworks on TP. Fanworks based on a fan’s creation. Amazing. Too bad I have absolutely no interest in TP at all (and I did sample it).

The catalog should be available on Melonbooks and other large retailers towards the end of July. Hopefully there will be ample BS6 works being sold. Will give the usual updates by then. 🙂


~ by ticktank on June 3, 2009.

8 Responses to “Comiket 76 (コミケット) Schedule – WOT DA FOUK?!”

  1. Good luck.

    Don’t they have air conditioning in the East and West hall clusters?

    • They do, but the sheer size of the halls combined with the metric shit-ton of people inside effectively makes the airconditioning non-existent. You’ll sweat like a pig when you’re there 😦

  2. So, you fly to Japan every year for comiket?

    What’s your opinion of Japan in general (I’ve never been myself)? Does it strike you as being ultra-modern?

    Also, have you ever had any trouble bringing stuff like doujins back home? I’ve heard of customs agents seizing doujins for violating local obscenity laws…

    • Hi!

      Japan to me is a wonderful mix of modern and traditional living. Tokyo is the epitome of urban life (besides, imo, New York) and if you’re a tech freak or anime fan, you can never get bored there. The country side and rural areas can be quiet and very scenic. I love that country 😛

      Of course, the risk of being caught and having your hentai seized is always there (if you’re entering a country that outlaws porn). But checks are usually scarce and random, and unless you present yourself as someone suspicious, most of the time you’ll pass customs.

      You can also try to get through this by discreetly posting it to yourself, or, if you’re crazy enough, scanning them and putting them online (thereby destroying the doujins in the process).

  3. Oh come on, Touhou aren’t that bad 😀 I mean my work might show up there in C76 if nothing bad happen XD

    Anyway, you’re so lucky to be able to go to japan every years 😀

    • Well I certainly won’t criticize other people’s tastes 😛

      You produce work for C76? Do you go there yourself or get a proxy to sell them for ya? Could drop by on that day just to show support hehe.

      As for being lucky…well yeah I am fortunate to be born in a financially decent family. But I stress the word decent – my family ain’t rich by any means. I also work to save up for these trip 😛

      Thanks for visiting! Very nice art on your website by the way.

      • 😀
        It’s a collaboration among Touhou fans across the nation. I accidentally found the website and send the email about my intention to be one of the contributor. And I got in 😀
        Here is the site:
        Sample page of my doujin:

        Thanks for visiting my site too 🙂

  4. Interesting, we’ll also be there but it will be our first time. Looking forward to getting our rears handed to us!

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