Small updates here and there

Its been a month, and I haven’t been updating. Which shouldn’t come as a surprise really, as I’ve mentioned that the site is already in archive mode. Rest assured however, I will update when there is something worth mentioning.

For those of you interested (I’m touched :P), the past month has been a rather busy one. Between work, playing the overrated crap that is Resident Evil 5, a week’s vacation and abusing my drawing tablet and deviantart account, I didn’t have much time to do my usual web browsing for BS6 news and material. I’ve also been falling back on answering comments/emails, but I’ll get down to that soon. Sincerest apologies.

In other news, I did silently update the fan art section with some Splashwoman art. I can’t help it, she’s becoming one of my favorite game characters. Also, contrary to what I mentioned before, its very likely that I will be attending Comiket 76 in August. Life is unpredictable as always, and I’m hoping to see more BS6 and MM works 🙂

Range Murata Anime Works 1998 – 2006

For those of you who were following my Comiket 75 posts, you may remember me talking about an advertisement flyer [Link] distributed by the staff at Range Murata’s booth. The flyer contained details about a new Artbook being released in April 2009, containing illustrations on all of Mr. Murata’s anime works from 1998 till 2006, including, obviously, Blue Submarine No. 6.  

Official information on this item finally showed up yesterday on (been tracking this since late March). The book would be on sale in late May at 3675¥, and the site is accepting pre-orders. Overseas shipping is available at by the way. I’m pretty sure this book will be available for sale at other online stores as well.

The release date is about a month away. No coverpage image, and no details on whether the BS6 illustrations would be new or the same ones in his AZURE book [Link], but for US$40, its probably worth buying. As for me, I’m definitely pre-ordering a copy for myself :). I’ll also do the standard writeup on the item once I get my hands on it.


~ by ticktank on April 6, 2009.

9 Responses to “Small updates here and there”

  1. Too bad there’s no cover pic. Though there’ll probably be some Blue 6 material in it. The only anime shows that Murata worked on were: Blue Sub 6, Last Exile, and Shangrila.

  2. Hey ticktank, check out the link below:

    It seems to be an auction on an artbook with Blue Submarine Characters on the cover.

    Is this new?

    • Nah thats just a poster that came with the limited release versions of the BS6: Antarctica game. Didn’t think it was worth mentioning. Its rare though 🙂

  3. And here’s a link to the cover of another book you don’t seem to have any info on:

    Here’s a link to the actual auction:

    • Oh nice, do you know what is in that book? I might try to find it at Otakon (a Anime Convention) this year. They had a lot of copies of “Graphic World” there last time.

      My friends and I are looking for Chimera/Mutio/Verg concept/original art.. so I’m always on the hunt ;).

      • I’m not too sure buddy, since the pamplet didn’t give much details. From the looks of it however, it could very well be the same set of drawings found in the AZURE book released almost 10 years ago i.e. a typical attempt at getting some easy cash :D. Well, he’s got mine. I’ll do a writeup once my copy arrives.

        In anycase, I doubt you’d find alot of Chimera images in the book if at all, since the Chimera were designed by another artist (his name can be found on the Mutio page if I remember correctly).

  4. Okay, sorry for the quadruple post, but here’s something funny I’d thought I’d share:

    Looks like someone made a parody video of blue submarine 6 and dubbed over their own dialogue for the 1st episode of the OVA.
    Mutio’s introduction made me laugh my ass off.

    Hayami: “My God…it’s hot.”

    • LMAO thanks for referring. Yes indeed it is funny, and definitely worthy of a seperate writeup. 🙂

    • Oh my GOD that made my morning.

      “Alright, alright, ALRIGHT! EVERYONE SHUT THE FUCK UP. Now that everyones stop acting like a bunch of ANIMALS we shall go into battle with Blue 6.
      Goddammit move, what is this a god damn Zoo?”

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