“If only Mutio had a gun…”

So said a friend of mine while she was watching EP3 of Blue Submarine No. 6. 😀 And with that as my inspiration, I decided to draw up a fan art on Mutio and Hayami, with a little extra prop thrown in.


I came close to giving up several times when drawing what was supposed to be a simple illustration of the above imagined scene. Little did I realize that it would take me close to 20 hours, spread across 2 weeks, to finish it. This pic is a first for me in many ways – the first time I’m drawing: (1) a full-body, (2) Mutio & Hayami, (3) a pic with a more complicated background, and (4) a pic with more than 2 characters. The most difficult part I experienced while doing up this pic was definitely the hands –  posing the hands and fingers realistically was a fucking nightmare. I’m definitely gonna appreciate art in a whole new way after this.

Thanks for viewing!


~ by ticktank on March 9, 2009.

4 Responses to ““If only Mutio had a gun…””

  1. LOL, “Say hello to my little friend!”

  2. Pretty good pic ticktank! The background looks like it turned out great too. I also lol’d at the expression on Hayami’s face.

    Seriously though, I think Mutio wouldn’t even know what to do with a gun if she had one. There wasn’t a lot of close up combat during the war. It was all mostly ship to ship and submarine versus submarine battles.

    Remember how Hayami mentions that Zorndyke was the first person he killed face to face?

    Also, the Chimera’s on Zorndyke’s island had spears but that’s about it. In episode 4, I remember some of them examining Kino’s gun when she surrendered it like they’d never seen one before.

  3. It’s not related but also check this out:


    It’s a blue submarine theme for windows. It works on windows xp.

  4. Thanks for the compliments. Yes, I am aware of Mutio’s inexperience in handling a gun, and tried to illustrate this point in the pic. Notice the way she’s holding the weapon – her grip isn’t firm, and her loose trigger finger. The gun would probably fly off her hand after the recoil from the first shot 😛

    One can only wonder what she really would have done if her sisters didn’t hold her back in time…

    Wow! Scarface is one of my favorite movies 😛

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