Starting Early? Comiket 76 BS6 material…

A recent discovery on Pixiv. It looks as though 09Factory has posted his circle cut for C76 in August, and he’s not done with Mutio yet 😛 I’m not quite sure of the timeline for the Comiket application process, but I think the results should out by now. For those heading to C76 and/or hunting for BS6 material, you might want to take note of this when the catalog gets released in July.



~ by ticktank on February 27, 2009.

3 Responses to “Starting Early? Comiket 76 BS6 material…”

  1. Why am I not surprised that what may be the only blue sub 6 doujin C76 is about mutio?

    Not that I’m complaining. I’m happy to get any new blue sub 6 material period.

  2. I’d figure I’d post this here:

    Gonzo is releasing a new anime called Shangri-la and the character designs are the same artist (Range Murata) who did the human character designs in Blue Submarine 6.

    The only other anime, besides Blue Sub 6, that Range Murata has done character designs for was Last Exile (also released by Gonzo).

    It’s not directly related to Blue Submarine 6, but it should interest anyone who likes Muratas art.

  3. I always hear a lot of people falsely crediting him for the monster character designs in Blue Sub. Personally I found the human characters to be rather dull. He did much better work in Last Exile.

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