Hehe, the shameless obsession with MM9 continues. Decided to do a parody pic on one of the more memorable moments in Blue Submarine No. 6. Sorry to disappoint those who were expecting Mutio. But more on this later.

They say an artist’s style can only be developed after a prolonged period of drawing. Its usually a combination of features such as the eyeball’s features(very telling), line thickness or coloring method. For my case, I think I’m starting to see one emerging style in my artwork – the ‘plastic’ feel. Its not something I’d like to have however, especially not when I’m drawing humans and organic subjects.

MM9 - Splash Rescue

“We’re supposed to be enemies you know…” 

On a sidenote, I think I’ll take the plunge next, and do a fanart piece on Mutio and Hayami. Gulp! 😛


~ by ticktank on February 21, 2009.

2 Responses to “Ha…ya…”

  1. It’s good, but what exactly does splashwoman (sp?) have in her mouth? A battery?

    • Its actually an ‘E-tank’. A classic in-game item that existed since Megaman 2. It refuels his HP to full 😛 An actual E-tank softdrink (coke can style) was released in conjunction with MM9, but its very rare now.

      I’m such a nerd 😛

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