Blue Fleet’s recruitment drive

 The ever-reliable and talented BBMBBF does it again. Thought up the idea of a BS6-themed ‘recruitment’ poster after finishing the BS6: Antarctica PS1 game. Just needed to set aside funds for it… Sorry if you’re a Mutio fan/fapper, and sorry for hentai hunters. None of either here 😛

Link to source at Deviant Art:


Source of inspiration for this pic (as noted in the lower right)? The Megaman 9 Arrange Soundtrack CD cover (thanks Playasia):


Intended posing, for those interested:

Mega Man = Kino
Plug Man = Huang
Jewel Man (Gay) = Iga (Manly)
Magma Man = Yamada (Same hair)
Hornet Man = Freeda
Tornado Man (With spinner) = Hayami (With cigarette)
Splash Woman (Hot) = Gusuku (Just as hot)
Galaxy Man = Yuri
Concrete Man = Sidra

Sigh…it’ll probably be a couple of years before I can draw this well. Thanks for viewing!


~ by ticktank on February 15, 2009.

One Response to “Blue Fleet’s recruitment drive”

  1. Actually pretty good. All the characters turned out well. But Iga looks a little too devious to me for some reason.

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