My first BS6 fan-art

Oh noes! Ticktank is trying to draw BS6 fanart 😛 A ‘David vs Goliath’ themed pic involving the series’ 2 captains. The pic looks simple, but it took me a week to finish it, with most of my time being spent on lining the 2 faces, Verg’s hair, and picking a decent background. I modelled it after a certain movie poster, which I won’t mention as it is quite obvious.

I’m only starting to realize just how difficult it is to line and shadow a human face realistically, even when the pic is supposed to be anime-style. Despite trying my best, Iga still looks quite ‘plastic’ and 70’s like.

 1 – 0 ?

Face off

Full-sized pic (along with my other amateur works) can be found at my DA section here:


Hayami and Mutio in the near future maybe? 😛 Thanks for viewing!


~ by ticktank on February 14, 2009.

3 Responses to “My first BS6 fan-art”

  1. nice

  2. g

  3. bkn super buena

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