Addicted to my drawing tablet…

Holy hell its great living in the 21st Century. For the past week or so I’ve been fiddling around with my new Wacom Bamboo drawing tablet, trying out its features and attempting (!) to do some CG artwork. This amazing device, coupled with a graphics programme like Corel Draw or Pixia enables shaky-handed, zero-talent folks like me to have a decent chance at drawing smooth lines…and save TONS of paper in the process. All hail CG! Its sorta been one of my perverse dreams – to be able to produce and sell comics/art at Japanese conventions, but I’ve never really pursued it as I’m often embarassed at my own ‘artwork’.

Below is my first piece of CG fan-art, featuring 4 main villains in the 1982 anime series: Ogon Senshi Gold Lightan (黄金戦士: ゴールドライタン ). Gold Lightan is my 3rd all time favorite anime series (behind Macross & BS6), and one of my childhood gems. This show was quite popular in Japan, running for 52 episodes in 1982. I’m not sure if it was shown in the USA or Europe, although they did release a dubbed version in many Asian countries. Incidentally, Gold Lightan himself is featured in the recent fighting game “Capcom VS Tatsunoko”.


Villains of Gold Lightan

(Click to enlarge)

Just for kicks, I registered for a Deviant Art account and dumped this pic there, hopefully to get critiques and suggestions for improvement. Its not exactly a lovely piece of work, but I think its passable for a start. Its clear that I need to work alot on my lines and shadow filling. Another lesson learnt – if you’re planning to enlarge  a character for the background, use thinner trace lines. I’m also terrible at drawing non-mechanical, curvy things, so its gonna take a long while before I can confidently illustrate humanoids and animals. Drawing humanoid-looking robots is a good start however. Perhaps, once I’m ‘good’ enough, I can draw some BS6 fan art. Gulp!


~ by ticktank on February 1, 2009.

3 Responses to “Addicted to my drawing tablet…”

  1. What’s the story line behind this anime?

    Google didn’t reveal much.

  2. Also, at first I thought this was star wars fanart, because the guy in the back looks like General Grevious from Star Wars Episode 3.

  3. The series is old and the DVD set is only being sold in Japan (in Japanese language only, and no subtitles). You can find info here:

    There’s also a wiki entry “Gold lightan”

    And yes, the villain (‘Mr Mecha-X’) does resemble General Grevious, but given that this was released in 1982, I think its yet another example of Lucas borrowing ideas from others. 😛 Wasn’t at all into Star Wars, although I loved Empire Strikes Back.

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