Megaman & Splashwoman = Hayami & Mutio ?

av-hm9Well, not exactly, but excellent fodder for fan-generated, non-canon romance. 🙂 My girlfriend and I love the Megaman Series and have been faithful fans since our seperate NES days, and I remember her saying how (after seeing Splashwoman’s character design for the first time) “she would be the perfect match for Rock”. I do kind of agree with her. Both of them are blue, have human-like faces (unlike e.g. Hornet Man) and don’t have many other choices.

Figured it would be a nice to give her a Christmas present in the form of a commissioned mushy pic of MM and SW smooching in the shallow ocean. Because its supposed to be a romantic (bleh!) pic, having SW with her usual fins for legs simply wouldn’t do. She needed to look more human. Once again, BBMBBF comes to the rescue with his awesome drawing skills. I really like how this pic turned out. In fact, I think I’m gonna start writing a fanfic on this robotic pairing 😛

Pic can also be found on BBMBBF’s Deviant Art Website. Link:

Robots can blush

There are some similarities between both this pairing and Hayami+Mutio as well. One ‘partner’ was the enemy of the other at one point in their respective stories. The female in both cases is an ‘aquatic’ creature who has mobility problems on land. And both relationships are non-canon, so thats bound to piss off some prudes and straight-thinkers. And thats always a good thing.


~ by ticktank on January 8, 2009.

4 Responses to “Megaman & Splashwoman = Hayami & Mutio ?”

  1. A coincidence. Also I lol’d at where Megamen’s hand is going.

  2. Well chances are when a girl lets you kiss her like that, she’s also ok with you grabbing her ass. 😛

  3. Hey ticktank, heads up:

    Looks like someone might be planning on doing some new blue submarine 6 doujins.

    I found the link to the artist’s site while browsing

  4. Hehe you just won’t give me any time to rest do you 😛

    Yes I came to know about that about 2 days ago when the circle cut was out up, but got lazy in posting info about it. Nonetheless I have already arranged for some umm…connections to purchase it at the event.

    I think I’ll do an advance writeup on this soon.

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