Doujinshi (同人誌) – How do you like Wednesday?

**Warning: Sexual content (cartoon nudity) on this page. Do not proceed if you’re not of legal age or don’t want to be.

“How do you like Wednesday?”

  • Release date: 2008 (Comiket 75; Winter)
  • Circle & Artists: 09Factory, 大原久太郎
  • Type: Adult (18+) only
  • Characters: Mutio
  • Status: Own (Hardcopy version only)
  • Rarity: Extremely Rare


This title was 09Factory’s latest, sold in the recently (at the time of this post) concluded C75. Quality-wise the doujinshi isn’t too different from his previous 2 releases. The pages are self-printed using a high quality laser printer and stapled together. Total no. of pages = 6, with the contents in B/W. The contents depict Mutio engaging in some hardcore sex with an unknown male who looks *a little* like Hayami. Either that or its the author’s self depiction. This was also the only BS6-related comic I could find in C75 – a reflection of the series’ non-existent popularity in Japan. Still, some new BS6 material is better than none. Will this be 09Factory’s final BS6-related release? Will the doujinshi be scanned and placed online? Time will tell…


~ by ticktank on January 2, 2009.

6 Responses to “Doujinshi (同人誌) – How do you like Wednesday?”

  1. Ticktank said:
    “This was also the only BS6-related comic I could find in C75 – a reflection of the series’ non-existent popularity in Japan.”

    Seriously depressing there ticktank. However, blue sub 6 is getting pretty old. Even once extremely popular series like Nadia that are over 10 years old dont get that much fan material made for them (obviouse exceptions are uber popular stuff like evangelion and final fantasy 7).

    [Edits; Do try to stay on topic thanks :P]

    Speaking of the manga, I’ve recently acquired scans of the original blue sub 6 manga. Ticktank, Would you like me to send them to you so that you could blog about them?

  2. hope somone does scan it, I’d love to see it.

  3. I can confirm that this doujin has been scanned.

    I downloaded it off a certain japanese p2p program.

    I’m gonna try spread.

  4. Hi Kinglear,

    Appreciate your efforts and your offer to show the Manga. I’m not sure if I want to mention it too much here though, as I intended this blog to focus on the OVA version of BS6, to keep things simple 😛 Nonetheless, do send them over if it isn’t too inconvenient for you. Thanks!

  5. Okay, Ticktank I’m kinda busy at the moment. I’ll send it to you tomorrow.

  6. Thanks! Apologies for the silence over the past few days, been busy with work 😛 My email is in the contact me page on the right column if you lost it.

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