Comiket 75 (コミケット) Day 1: Good loot, nice weather, nasty crowds

**Warning: Sexual content (cartoon nudity) on this page. Do not proceed if you’re not of legal age or don’t want to be.


Its been awhile since I attended a Winter Comiket. I love being able to stand under the sun for 2 hours without a shedding a single drop of sweat 😛 So its an A+ for the weather today.

The behaviour of the crowd in general however, was unusually bad by Japanese standards. There was noticably more shouting, more pushing, and attempts at queue cutting (unforgivable)! I even saw a scuffle (with fists thrown) break out near one of the queues outside that was fortunately broken up quickly by the ushers and staff nearby. Were people heating up their heads to compensate for the cool weather?

Anyhow, he’s what I managed to grab in the 3 hours I was there (Click to Enlarge):


The Wii that my parents and I bought as a birthday present for my sister has tragically transformed her into a rabid Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess fangirl. I never played TP. The last Zelda game I experienced was Link to the Past on SNES, before I shamefully switched my loyalty from Nintendo to the Sony Playstation. But thats another story for another time.

Anyhow, before I left for Japan she insisted that I buy any books with “Link & Midna” as the main subject, and fortunately, there weren’t too many circles doing works on this odd heterosexual couple. The 6-7 titles above should keep her happy, and hopefully drown out her obsession. I can’t understand what is so popular about seeing a small floating gremlin (with boobs) getting all romantic with a young teenage boy. It seems that she can also shapeshift(?) into a hooded, normal-sized female as well – so why can’t she be in that vastly more appealing form when they are umm…joining up? 😛 I think I need to find time to play this game…


Getting my fix of FFT doujinshi has been the norm since my first Comiket visit, and this year’s haul was surprisingly good. The Ramza-Agrias circles were numerous and flooded with buyers, and this was only 45 mins after the Comiket commenced! Its nice to see so many other people (men AND women) appreciating this pairing as much as I do, hehehe 😛 Its amazing how circles like Tx-Tyabo are able to consecutively produce works showing Ramza x Agrias having sex without boring the readers (hint: its the plot. ZOMG yes porn with plot owns!).


And to round up the day’s loot, some doujinshi on classic Megaman (too much EXE/MM Zero crap), Resident Evil & FF4-6. Day 2 is mostly for yaoi, bleach & narutard stuff this time round, so I think I’m gonna wake up a little later 😛 The circle that I thought was going to sell some BS6 works didn’t end up doing so (I misread). Oh well…one circle left.


~ by ticktank on December 28, 2008.

3 Responses to “Comiket 75 (コミケット) Day 1: Good loot, nice weather, nasty crowds”

  1. Ticktank said: “The 6-7 titles above should keep her happy, and hopefully drown out her obsession. I can’t understand what is so popular about seeing a small floating gremlin (with boobs) getting all romantic with a young teenage boy.”

    Probably the same reason why a large number of blue submarine 6 fans prefer a Mutio&Hayami pairing as apposed to a Hayami&Kino pairing…

  2. Could be due to the unique character designs, wheras the alternative characters (Illia for Zelda and Kino for Blue Sub) are rather dull and unimaginative by comparison.

  3. Unique yes, but Mutio isn’t one fifth the size of Hayami, and Hayami doesn’t look like a 15 year old 😛 Shades of pedo/lolicon mania…

    I need to play this game and see for myself. Hehehe

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