ZOMG a new BS6 video game from the future?!

**Note: This is a lighthearted work of fiction; not to be taken literally please 🙂 This is not a new BS6 videogame, and not a serious predictions about the future.

Coming this November, 2085!

[潜水艇人 6]



40 years ago: life sucked. Humanity hovered on the brink of extinction, fighting a bitter war with sea mutants. You are Tetsu Hayami – chainsmoker, aquaphobe, salvage expert & all-round anti-hero. Assume the role of mankind’s reluctant savior in this massive multi-themed RPG by GONZO gaming. Relive history, or make your own.

  • [Its a history lesson!] Experience the turbulent life of Hayami after the great flood, in a period spanning across 20 years. Over 5 hours of historically accurate cutscenes presented in high quality animation format by PALCOMIX studios.
  • [Its an action game!] Commandeer the Grampus™ attack craft, salvager ship and various other vessels in your adventures. Do battle against sea creatures, Chimerans, insurgency forces and the legendary Nagato Wonder!
  • [Its a dating sim!] Explore the curious world of interspecies romance as you develop your mutual relationship with the aquatic hybrid Mutio. Tackle separation, jealously, love triangles and parenthood issues! Boring for guys, but perfect for female players!
  • [Its got controversy!] Meet, converse with, and end the life of the most genocidal man in human history – Jung Zorndyke. Multiple kill methods available!
  • [Its rich in content!] Interact with over 90 unique characters in a rich and highly detailed world; House of the Dead quality voice-acting! Multiple storyline paths, endings and tons of bonus material just waiting to be unlocked.

Available this fall* at only 3000 Earth Credits, exclusively on the Sony-Toshiba Playstation 8™ (waterproof edition). Pre-order your copy from Amazon and Antarctica.com today, before it sinks into the abyss!

* Release dates: 16th November  (Human lands) & 20th November (Polar territories). This game is not yet rated, but it shouldn’t matter.

Ok fake advertising aside, I’m really pleased with how this pic turned out. Once again PALCOMIX (BBMBBF) has exceeded my commission expectations. It was definitely worth forking out US$100 to get this pic done, and a fine way to spend some of my election winnings if I may say so. The pic can also be found on his Deviant-Art site:


My inspiration for the pic’s layout? The Megaman 2 cover-art I posted about earlier. Here’s a side by side comparison.

 rcw2promo bs6-collageprev1

For the geeks, this was my intended substitution list. The character positions weren’t perfect, and Mutio could have been drawn larger, but thats understandable.

Rockman = Hayami
Roll = Kino
Bubble Man = Mutio
Wood Man = Zorndyke
Flash Man (with time gun) = Verg (with Katana)
Metal Man (with metal blade) = Huang (with plush toy)
Heat Man = Katsuma
Crash Man (with helmet) = Captain Iga (with cap)
Quick Man (with ego) = Amonyushuu (with poetry book)

I was thinking of substituting Airman (can you see him?) with Ran Fang or Chung Ying from the Time & Tide DC game, but figured they would look odd, since everyone else is from the OVA.

Feel free to comment, and hope you guys like it! 🙂 Now to focus on Comiket 75. Until next time!


~ by ticktank on December 1, 2008.

8 Responses to “ZOMG a new BS6 video game from the future?!”

  1. You almost had me going there for a second…

    Why does Zorndyke look so evil?

  2. 3 reasons:

    1. He did give such a look in the anime (EP4), after mentioning what would happen if the humans nuked the poleshift device

    2. To be consistent with Woodman’s expression in the Megaman 2 poster.

    3. No one ever draws Zorndyke looking evil 🙂

  3. Awwwww dang it. Oh well

  4. LOL Nice work. I love the ‘game descriptions!’ 😉

  5. Interesting correlation to the MM art. Can’t wait to see the larger version of the ‘Submarine Man 6’ cover.

  6. Chances are there isn’t going to be a new Blue Submarine anything in the future:


    From the link:
    >An animator with insider knowledge reports that troubled anime studio Gonzo is considering turning to ero-anime (as in hentai, rather than merely ecchi) to rescue itself, with sacking a quarter of its staff and reducing anime output by half apparently not sufficient to restore it to profitability.


    Gonzo might be going under…

  7. I must admit, you had me goin’ there for a second… then I looked at the release date. xD

  8. Thanks for the newslink Kinglear. I think I’ll write an article on this interesting rumour.

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