Very interesting Mutio fan-art

I’ve seen my fair share of BS6 fanart, most of which were very well done. But this latest one takes the cake.

I was doing some casual browsing on PX (Pixiv) today when I came across this superbly drawn fanart of Mutio, wearing a yellowish version of Kino’s grampus jumpsuit. I found the concept of this pic very interesting because the suit added a more ‘humanized’ feel to her, which fitted quite nicely into my own imagined ‘post-anime’ BS6 universe. The background appears to be that of a human city as well. An inspiring pic for fanfiction, and a great way to solve the ‘nudity’ problem hehe…

Couple of bones to pick though – her chest appendages appear to be missing (or have been umm..stuffed in), and the black markings on her neck are absent.

Title: 名付けて「七つの海の不思議のミューティオ」


I don’t normally place fanart here without the artist’s permission, but this pic was simply too fascinating to not share with everyone else. If you’re the artist and want it removed, I’ll gladly oblige. 🙂


~ by ticktank on November 30, 2008.

5 Responses to “Very interesting Mutio fan-art”

  1. Nice, I can’t believe I almost missed this!

    Can you give a link to the site that you were browsing?

    Also the chest fins/appendages could be like hair or feathers in that they grow back over time.

  2. Oops. PX is my own short form for PiXiv, a fanart website that can be thought of as the Japanese version of Deviantart.

    Most of the images are titled in Japanese, so you’ll need to input Japanese text into the searchbox to find what you want to see. Goodluck!

  3. Do you need to register before being able to search or view images?

    [Ticktank] Yes. A simple translation like babelfish should help get you by, if you don’t know Japanese.

  4. Unfortunately, I don’t think that site is accepting new registrations right now.

    Or do they only accept Japanese Ip numbers?

    [Ticktank] Hmm based on my limited understanding of the message, yes they seem to have halted new registrations for now, while they revamp the signup system. Whether or not the new system only allows Japanese viewers to register is unclear, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they do that.

  5. I registered successfully. Pixiv doesn’t restrict foreign IP addresses. They were just down for maintance. Found some blue sub fanart, but nothing as cool/impressive as the pic you posted here.

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