Comiket 75 (コミケット); Field Preparations

**Warning: Sexual content (cartoon nudity) on this page. Do not proceed if you’re not of legal age or don’t want to be.


So…Comiket season is once again approaching, and with the catalog due to arrive shortly after the 6th December (hopefully), its time to buckle down for another session of planning.

Winter Comikets are far less taxing on the body than Summer versions, but attendance numbers are almost always higher (based on previous experiences). With the economic downturn thats battering the world right now however, the figures for C75 might decrease.

Here’s a messy summary of some of the circles I will be visiting during the 3 days, with links to their websites if available. By default, I am not intending to help people buy stuff from the Comiket, unless certain terms are agreed to. An explanation of what these terms are and why I’m reluctant to offer these services can be found here:

Confirmed Genre Listing for C75:

Day 1 (28th) – Games-based Doujinshi
Day 2 (29th) – Manga-based Doujinshi
Day 3 (30th) – Hentai


Scribble-list of some of my planned visits

(To be updated regularly)

  • 09 Factory’s appears to have gotten a space as well place in C75 is confirmed. Still no idea what he’s selling yet though, but judging from the circle cut, it could be Mutio doujinshi again. [LINK]
  • I’ll probably be taking a peep at Range Murata’s (Pasta’s Estab) table as well, and may queue up if the lines aren’t too long. He tends to have a couple of drawings on BS6 characters in his poster/calendar compilations (usually of Huang & Kino), but its not a guarantee. [LINK]
  • “Plankton” (プランクトン) was an artist I discovered on Pixiv while scouting for circles that were planning to sell Megaman material. Seems like he’s planning to release a Megaman and Gundam(?) dual comic in C75. Looks to be hentai too. [LINK]
  • Yet another circle thats doing Megaman material, sourced from Pixiv. A very nicely drawn ‘cute’ version of Roll by Yukiwo. His booth however has been assigned to the “シ” (Shi) column, which is usually reserved for highly popular circles. Hmm… [LINK]
  • TXT-Tyabo and Samidaregiri, 2 circles that has been regularly producing very tasteful FFT (Agrias x Ramza) hentai doujinshi, will once again be there on day 1, selling 2 new FFT comics. Sigh…I’m still a sucker for that imaginary couple. [LINK] [LINK] 
    txtc75 samidaregiric75
  • ET-Cycle has been one of my favorite circles for a long time now, and I’m pleased to know that they got lucky on the ballot once again. Their C75 doujinshi appears to be about DQ5 this time. [LINK]
  • Tony (T2 Artworks) will probably be on my list this year, if there’s time left on day 3. [LINK]
  • Saigado Publishing [LINK]
  • Dogear Tile is an artist who came to my attention after I chanced upon one of her well-drawn Super-Smash Bros fanarts on PiXiv. Seems like she’s quite into the Legend of Zelda series, and will be selling a SSB doujin as well as an adult (18+) comic+novel based on the Zelda series titled “Blue Moment: リンク × ミドナ” i.e. “Rinku (Link?) x Midona (?)”. I guess ‘Midona’ would be the creepy looking imp with the strange ‘can-opener helmet’ in the pics below [LINK]

~ by ticktank on November 24, 2008.

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