Why am I reluctant to help you buy stuff from the Comiket?

c75-catalogWith Comiket 75 barely a month away, I figured it would be good to talk about a certain topic that I had to deal with in the weeks before C74, and which I anticipate I will have to again soon – ‘helping’ others buy comiket items.





Why are Comiket visitors reluctant to help buy stuff for others?

I do not speak for myself. Danny Choo and other prominent anime bloggers have the same stance towards this issue. We are not ‘plastic bags’, nor bulk resellers; Comiket visits are timely and costly personal investments, especially for us non-Japanese visitors. Plane tickets, accommodation, event planning, QUEUING for hours in the heat/cold…these things require alot more effort that just sitting at the keyboard and typing out purchase requests.

Because of this, it is neither selfish nor unfair if we choose not to be ‘helpful’. So please don’t beg me to help you buy your fap material, or liberally share what I have bought with my own money. If its scans you want, wait for them to be posted online. Someone may do that for the popular doujinshis eventually, but that person will most likely not be me. The door swings both ways however, and I would never expect the same generosity from others.

With that said…if you REALLY REALLY REALLY want me to help you buy certain doujinshi’s, and you have cash to spare, you can send me an email. Please be prepared to pay up to 8 times the selling price (and with cash upfront first, excluding shipping costs), because thats the typical going price for Comiket goods on YHJ and Ebay. And I’ll have to see if you sound like someone trustworthy, and if your request fits into my floor schedule for that day also, as timings are really tight – if I plan poorly the stuff I want may be sold out by the time I get to the seller’s booth. Sounds crazy and unreasonable? Thats because it is. Seriously, just plan and go there yourself! 😛

Have a nice day.


~ by ticktank on November 21, 2008.

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