Evil loses! And Ticktank wins money!

 Truly a historic moment.


Congratulations America! Enjoy the beginnings of a new era of “Socialism”, Islam, terrorism & wanton baby killing under a Kenyan national as your new President.

Yeah right.

Seriously, I don’t know whats more depressing. A once-respectable Republican candidate, vying for the  most powerful position in your country, playing this low and dirty, or the (apparently) masses of people who are actually taken by such nonsensical, unintelligent smears. Now I’m not saying that Obama’s campaign was squeeky clean; it did engage in some mudslinging too, but the quantity and acidity of it paled in comparison to John McCain’s campaign. With that said, I wished the party I supported in my country was as crafty as your Republicans. It might just get somewhere.

Its amazing how each campaign’s message was so contrasting.

Change & Hope, 2 very much needed words in these times, accompanied by an actual PLAN just laid out for those who are open-minded and caring enough to READ, and even a fucking tax calculator to help those who were conned by all that ‘spread-the-wealth’ lies to verify the facts. 


Be afraid! My opponent is a scary, ‘novice’ black man with a funny middle name, is ‘un-American’ and can’t be trusted. Our VP is a hot friendly chick, and oh yeah, country first (whatever that means; details after you elect me). So vote for me, and you’ll have nothing to fear.

I thought fear-mongering only worked in Germany in the 1930’s. So, not only did the BETTER candidate win, Ticktank also managed to walk away with nearly 5 times the $1000 he placed in bets. Biggest payout came from my bet on a <1% Obama victory in INDIANA (OMG thank you rednecks, thank youuuuuu!). To Mr. John McCain’s credit, he did give a humble and touching concession speech, showing glimpses of his 2000 self. Its just unfortunate that he chose to sell out his values to a party that itself had been hijacked by the forces of evil.

Woooo I’m so happy for you Americans and for my wallet, I’m gonna celebrate with a shameless display of more BS6 hentai soon. Open to McCain voters too of course, unless its against their religion hehehehe.

Yes, she’s happy too.



~ by ticktank on November 6, 2008.

4 Responses to “Evil loses! And Ticktank wins money!”

  1. Okay, good news is that Bush version 2.0 (Palin) doesn’t stand of chance of ever becoming Pres.

    Watched the election last night on CNN. I think I’m going to remember it for a long time.

  2. I’m also amazed at the parallels between Obama and Kennedy. Something tells me he’s going to be a great President.

  3. I just love how popular Obama was in every country EXCEPT the US. Funny how that works…

  4. Hyperion, he won the popular vote and the electrol college vote by a good margin. It’s safe to say that he’s pretty popular in the US right now.

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