I tried to watch the US Vice-Presidential Debate…

Hoping to see this guy:


Talk some issues with this woman:

But instead, I ended up getting this on the TV screen for 60 minutes while trying in vain to fix my malfunctioning cable box →


Despite not being a citizen, I absolutely LOVE following American politics, though not as much as any episode of Blue Submarine No. 6 obviously (underwater battles are alot cleaner). I hope I didn’t miss anything good…


~ by ticktank on October 3, 2008.

4 Responses to “I tried to watch the US Vice-Presidential Debate…”

  1. You didn’t miss much. I just finished watching the last US Pres. debate between Obama and McCain. All the debates can be summarized as:

    McCain: You’re bad.
    Obama: No, I’m not.

  2. Your TV was working fine. Sarah ‘barracuda’ got destroyed by Joey the shark. Unless you’re Republican.

  3. Lol! Yes you’re both quite right!

    Ok I’ll admit it, I’m an Obama fan. 😛 I’ve been impressed by his steadiness in the past few months, and the positive message his campaign has been advocating. I can see myself liking the USA alot more with him as your President, as I’m sure is the case for many other non-Americans. And that says alot.

    On the other hand, I’m quite disgusted by the smears and lies being perpetuated by the umm…other campaign. And umm…is he really 72 years old?

    McCain/Palin = Zorndyke/Amonyushuu. No thanks.

  4. I watched part of the first debate.

    Most of the debate was:
    Obama: No, I’m not, for these and these reasons. Once again: am I bad?
    McCain: …

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