Mega Man 9 is awesome

Even a BS6 fan like myself feels compelled to talk about the awesomeness that is Mega Man 9.

So, having downloaded the game yesterday and proceeding to finish it in about 4 hours (with no FAQ or spoilers to guide me), I can confidently say that MM9 has re-captured the essence of the Mega Man series – gameplay that is unique, challenging and downright fun.

This game is so loaded with classic Mega Man goodness, I felt like I was 15 years younger while playing it. 8-bit graphics and sound didn’t bother me one bit, and folks who grew up in the NES days would easily appreciate the retro factor of MM9. You have classic elements like the disappearing/reappearing blocks, spike dodging while free-falling and tons of catchy tunes. The ending (which I won’t spoil) is enjoyable and funny as well.

 (Click to enlarge)

The highlight of the game of course is the introduction of the first female robot boss in the whole Mega Man series – Splash Woman (スプラッシュウーマン)! And what an excellent choice of colors and body structure:

(Click to enlarge)

Don’t know about you guys but her design sorta gave me Mutio vibes. I appreciate how the designers stuck to the ‘family friendly’ policy, and didn’t sexualize her to boost sales. They probably don’t need to anyway, since the game will be (and is, as we have seen) a sure best seller. Splash Woman is definitely going to be a popular subject for fan fiction, fan art and of course porn in the coming months. In fact, there’s already quite a number of fan drawings of her on Deviant Art. That poor girl…hope she’s ready for the tidalwave of hentai artists hehehe. A main eventer for the upcoming Comiket 75 I predict.

The game will be out on the PS3 on the 25th September, and XBOX too I think. Get this game, because its FUN. If you want some info, you can find it here:


~ by ticktank on September 25, 2008.

4 Responses to “Mega Man 9 is awesome”

  1. Heh, it is trully a good game. Though I’m disappointed with the people that don’t seem to be able to take their time with things and rushed through it (Apparently some did it in about 32 minutes… first try). I hadn’t played the old games when they were released (Got them on the collection) but I’d say I enjoyed them (Even if they were ridiculously hard for me at times). I’m a very special and rare type of gamer, I’m what my friend calls an Old School Newbie. I was young when the Nintendo was around and didn’t really get into games until the N64 though I enjoyed them on the NES and SNES so I can enjoy old games while not being too stubborn to play new ones.

    Also. I agree with your observation of Splash Woman, I’ve already added quite a bit of fanart of her to my favorites on DA. And… I too am prepared for the sure to come porn/hentai that she will have to deal with.

    Anyway, that’s all.

  2. The questionnaire of MEGAMAN9 is executed on the following Web sites.
    I thank you in advance of your help.

  3. And it only took 21 years to have a lady robot master.

    Anyway, is this available for xbox live? If it is, than I’m gonna play the crap out of that thing.

  4. Hi Bojack!

    Nah its only available on the Wii and PS3 for now 😛 Nice to see you drop in finally!

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