Blue Dome & NOVO

  • Role: Blue Fleet Headquarters; Research Facility 
  • Staff Strength: 2000 personnel 
  • Status after the OVA: Destroyed

Blue Dome is the name of Blue Fleet’s main base of operations, and the name I adopted for this fan blog. Originally intended to be an advanced deep-sea research center for Project Blue, the base was eventually expanded and re-designed into a military HQ for Blue Fleet. It is situated on the surface of the Pacific Ocean, in the middle of a large shallow valley hundreds of meters below sea level, with a massive underwater mountain behind it.

Much of the base lies underground; beneath the metallic surface that spans about a kilometer wide. The main entrance to Blue Dome is its hangar bay, which is shaped like a sea-shell and located prominently in the middle of the base’s surface.

NOVO (Network of Vigilant Observatory) is an advanced AI program responsible for controlling not just the defenses of Blue Dome, but also its surveillence and life support systems – something like a mix of Skynet and HAL. Smaller NOVO systems (co-NOVO) are often found in older submarines such as Sub Zero and various naval outposts.

Blue Dome’s defense network consists of a series of Torpedo batteries installed within each sonar array. These turret cum detectors are placed in a semi-circle formation around the facility’s perimeter for maximum detection and coverage, allowing Blue Dome to defend itself from attacks from different directions. The disadvantage of this arrangement of course is that the firepower of the network cannot be focused on one intrusion point, and would hence be ineffective against powerful enemy invaders (such as the Ghost Ship), especially in the absence of support from Blue Fleet ships.

its possible that Blue Fleet strategists may have been fully aware of this flaw, and subsequently have been gambling on receiving said support from the subs in the event of an attack. Tragically, the Blue Fleet ships were trapped inside the hangar for most of the battle, when Blue Dome was attacked by Chimeran forces.

Unit B Push, as mentioned by Marunami in the OVA, is an emergency procedure that forces the main structure of Blue Dome to rise to the surface like a massive inflated lifeboat.


~ by ticktank on September 16, 2008.

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