NOT Blue Submarine No. 6 Doujinshi (?)

青の6号, Fake Gym

  • Release date: 2002
  • Circle & Artists: “Fake Gym”; Anri Matsumoto
  • Type: General Audiences
  • Characters: None
  • Status: Own (Hardcopy version)
  • Rarity: Unknown. Ultra rare?

Now this is one strange and misleading book. I picked this up on Yahoo Japan Auctions for 600YEN in August, after the item came up during my search query (for BS6 items). Looking at the front cover, my first impression was that the book was about Huang, even though the character didn’t really resemble her. Having the “青の6号” on the front page only strengthened my belief even further. Thinking that it was a rare opportunity to pick up yet another obscure BS6 fan work, I paid for the auction and won it with no problems a few days later. Information on the item can still be found on YHJ Auctions here:

What I ended up with was disappointing. The doujinshi was rather thin (less than 15 pages), and the contents, while decently drawn, consisted of characters whom were totally not from the BS6 OVA or the 2 videogames. Apart from the 青の6号 text on the cover page, nothing about this doujinshi has anything to do with the Blue Submarine No. 6 series we know. Either that, or this doujinshi is about the original manga version in the 1960’s, which I highly doubt because of the way the characters were depicted (young, all female schoolgirls). A possible answer to this mystery can be found below…


  • Release date: 2006
  • Circle & Artists: 青の6号
  • Type: General Audiences
  • Characters: Unknown
  • Status: Do not have
  • Rarity: Unknown. Ultra rare?

I located this doujinshi as a result of investigating the first one described in this post. Source website is here: Based on the information on Toranoana, it looks like “青の6号” is not referring to the content of the doujinshi, but the name of the circle who produced it! The genre “ぱにぽに” was also seen in the earlier doujinshi, and I have no idea if this is a fan work or some original series. The girls look rather cute though.

Oh well, now you know not to be misled by these books hehe. Why oh why must this circle adopt BS6 as their name?! Even the logo looks too similar…



~ by ticktank on September 12, 2008.

4 Responses to “NOT Blue Submarine No. 6 Doujinshi (?)”

  1. The first one looks like it may be from the original manga series, which was released as a reprint around the time the ova was shown. Could be the same case with the second one, but I doubt it.

  2. Also, I can’t believe you have not noticed this yet:

    They seem to be reprints of the original manga the blue submarine Ova was based on. From the looks of the cover of the first one, Mutio was a character from the original manga. Maybe the OVA and the manga are more similar than we think…

  3. Hi King Lear!

    Hmm I think the mystery has been solved from my discovery of the second doujinshi, as mentioned above. The contents are totally not about BS6…BS6 is merely the name that the artists have chosen to adopt as their circle name (confirmed on the Toranoana site). The young schoolgirl characters depicted in the majority of the doujinshi are not from the manga.

    I’m quite sure of this because I *have* read a copy of the BS6 manga you have linked (yes I have ‘noticed’ them before and are most aware of them 😛 ). Yes, Mutio appears on the cover and in the book, but her design, character and motivations in the manga are very very different. There is no Hayami nor Verg. Only a few elements from the manga were put into the OVA/games as ‘homage’ – NOVO, the X-sub design etc.

    Anyhow, the reason why I’m not mentioning much of the manga is because its not the focus of this blog. Even the manga isn’t that popular among the Japanese, let alone us foreign audiences 😛 And despite being written by the same person, the story and characters didn’t interest me much at all.

  4. [quote]
    Even the manga isn’t that popular among the Japanese, let alone us foreign audiences

    It’s not popular now, but it’s considered to be a classic, and was really popular in the 60s. Also, I don’t think the OVA was written by Ozawa, but adapted from his works.

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