Fan Fiction (By Ticktank) – Reunion & Resolution

Reunion & Resolution

Yes OMG you can click us!Set one year after the events portrayed in the anime, this story focuses primarily on the lives of Hayami and Mutio. Despite a year of peace, both have been struggling to cope with their strange feelings of longing for each other, and their treatment from their own kind. With fate granting them a rare opportunity to reunite once again, can Hayami and Mutio find understanding and resolution to these emotions, and in turn, gain acceptance from both species?

Rating: NC16 (Some violence, mild sexual themes & romance)

My first romance (eew) story. I’ve always dreaded romance and mushy stuff…maybe its to do with my introverted and not very sociable nature (hi Hayami!), plus my outdated belief that men shouldn’t be romantic and feminized. 

Still, I was unable to resist the urge to explore, in fiction, the romantic elements and what-ifs of the BS6 characters, because romance and love were themes that the BS6 storyline did not develop much on. I thought it was a smart move by Mr. Ozawa by the way – BS6’s story isn’t about mushy love, but more mature concepts like prejudice, tolerance, and the human spirit. 

Picking the male lead was easy, because there’s only one. The choice of the female character to complete the pairing took me a little longer. Kino was a more logical option and much easier to write on, while Mutio was far more challenging and abit trickier to rationalize. In the end, I decided to challenge myself 😛

I wanted to write a BS6 story that was believable and logical in the context of the story’s original plot, and with as little OCs (original characters) as far as possible, even if the end result was a story that would be little cliched. I was pleasantly surprised to receive generally positive reviews in the end – as an amateur writer, its very satisfying. 😛

**Warning: Contains spoilers and mostly author notes. Scroll to the bottom if you just want to read the story (link is there).

Chapter 1: Gossiping about love

Hayami’s yearning for a fish girl becomes a subject of discussion between his crew mates, much to his annoyance.

A simple starting chapter that was originally meant to be another oneshot. With some minor edits here and there, it was easily transformed into an opening chapter for a longer story. From the start, I was already set on having Gusuku and Sidra as two of the three speakers. I had some trouble deciding between Yamada and Yun as the final person, but finally opted with the former, as he seemed more sociable.

Chapter 2: A Shark’s Ponderings

Mutio’s similar yearning to see Hayami again is observed by Verg, which triggers memories of a significant and sobering past event.

This chapter was an excellent excuse for me to write about my favourite FMV sequence in the BS6: Antarctica game, with the awareness that not many BS6 fans may be aware of the game or what transpired in it. This chapter also allowed me to portray Verg (a very under-developed and misunderstood character) in a more sympathetic light, focusing on his absolute loyalty to Zorndyke – if helping the humans he hated was what his Papa would have wanted, then that was what Verg would do (which he did), and he followed that up by giving Mutio his blessings to seek out Hayami.

Chapter 3: Preparation

Mutio seeks out the hybrid who was rumored to once know Hayami, while back at Blue 6, the crewmembers are given a surprising announcement on the eve of their vacation.

I really wanted to write something about Mutio and Katsuma, as it seemed really plausible that the two would have some kind of meeting after the end of the OVA. I added in a minor OC in the form of a generic “sister” to Mutio, with the intention of having her play the role of a minor antagonist. The most challenging part was trying to keep the dialogue between the 3 individuals clear, and the speakers of each sentence easily identifiable, mostly because of the fact that Mutio’s sister was not given a name. I didn’t want to, as I felt that it would be too corny. And I couldn’t think of a good name anyway.

Chapter 4: Downtime

Joy, despair, jealousy and a multitude of other emotions are experienced by the crew of Blue 6 as they spend their holidays in Japan.

This chapter marked the start of a different writing style for me, which I would use with varying frequency in the subsequent chapters – multiple scenes and quick cuts. It was fun writing the scene involving Hayami and Kino in particular, because I really believed that their interaction would have gone down that way. Kino’s emo no doubt, but still sensible. Her conversation with Freeda is based on what a few female friends of mine had told me before.

Chapter 5: First Date

The historical meeting between humanity and Chimera has finally taken place…with an expected and sinister turn of events 

My least favourite chapter, as it served more as a filler/transitional chapter that would lead to the much anticipated reunion. Thinking up the dialogue between Amonyushuu and Wallace was difficult for me, as I didn’t want the peace summit to look like a schoolyard clique gathering. Writing about Hayami and Mutio’s meeting was also particularly tough, as I had trouble keeping it as uncorny as possible. I did like the ‘cliffhanger’ conclusion to this chapter though, as things were getting a little predictable until that point.

Chapter 6: Old Foes, New Friends

Outnumbered but not outclassed, Blue 6 engages in a desperate battle to protect not just themselves and the Chimeran envoys, but also the very foundations of a fragile peace.

I’ve never been comfortable with writing action scenes, so this chapter was quite a headache for me. I had to struggle between keeping a realistic bodycount while still making sure that the villains were not mere pushovers and a credible threat to Blue 6. I always wanted to write a scene about Hayami and Mutio riding together in a Grampus, and to achieve that in a realistic manner, I realized that Hayami would have to already be in the Grampus before the attack, and for that to happen, he would have to be ordered to. This process of working backwards and fine-tuning the little plot details that would eventually allow the intended scene to happen was very satisfying 😛 

Chapter 7: Visiting Hours

A damaged Blue 6 is taken to Chimeran territory after its victory. Hayami survives the injuries incurred from his act of bravery, and for the first time in a year, is finally reunited Hayami, I think we're being watched...with Mutio.

Romantic scenes finally make their debut here, and I did my utmost best to ensure that they were as realistic and ‘purposeful’ as possible. I never liked fluff, so I had to make sure that my story was free of it. In retrospect, I find this chapter way too sappy, and not something I’d want to show my girlfriend. The fish-feeding and eventual lip locking scene was inspired by the Lady & the Tramp, the most embarassing Disney show I’ve ever watched.

Chapter 8: Resolution

The bond between Hayami and Mutio is strengthened, while the Chimerans learn more about their human guests.

Wee! More purposeful romance (I hope), with Moldova given some additional character development. Incidentally, my inspiration for Moldova’s anxieties was based on the actual experiences of an uncle of mine who fought in the Vietnam war. Won’t go into details, but suffice to say, rarely can a person ever get used to killing people, even if its in self defense and in times of war.

Chapter 9: Homecoming

Kino comes to terms with her lingering resentment towards her non-human hosts as Blue 6 makes preparations to head back home. Hayami and Mutio decide on their future…

I shifted some focus to Kino, as the emo-girl really needed some resolution of her own. Amonyushuu was really fun to write about also – I portrayed her as an intelligent, sharp but still youthful girl who was charged with the responsibility of leading her kind to a brighter future. Verg also makes a final appearance here, in the only manner I found realistic. Hayami’s display of gratitude was something that should have happened in the OVA.

Chapter 10: Beyond the Sea

Hayami leads a new life as an unsung hero, salvager and ex-Blue Fleet sailor, made complete with Mutio by his side. Their interspecies relationship has affected their fellow kind in more ways than one…

Ah yes, the cliched positive ending. I couldn’t bring myself to write something sad or cliffhanging, because I didn’t feel like I’d have the motivation to publish a sequel. After all the waiting and suffering, it would be too cruel to not let them have some umm…happy time together. I wanted the final scene in the fanfic to be set in the dining hall, with the same characters that were first introduced in chapter 1, as I’m quite a fan of ‘full circle’ type plots. 😛

(Unpublished) Chapter 8.5/9.5: Deleted paragraphs

This chapter is just a non-sequential compilation of the material I omitted from chapters 8 and 9. Some of the plot points and scenes that I wrote (and which did not make it into the final version) include:

  • Mutio speaking with Amonyushuu and Verg about her desire to leave and be with Hayami
  • Some non-romantic interaction between Alex Cekeros and the Mutio he exchanged smiles with
  • This particular Mutio conversing and seeking advice from her red-eyed sister about her interactions with Cekeros.
  • Huang conveying Mutio’s words of forgiveness to Moldova (she heard his conversation with Hayami).
  • Iga discussing with Wallace about the tough road ahead (fanatics, lingering hatred between the species etc.)

As you can see, most of the scenes above are rather interesting, but don’t advance the plot much. I chose in the end to take them out as I felt that having them in would make the story too draggy and too Mutio-centric, and deviate from the story’s other principle character – Hayami. Including these scenes would also have taken away all of the ambiguity and mystery regarding Alex’s musings, which I wanted to preserve as a means of keeping the story ‘open’ for future development.

PS: If you’ve read the story, I’d be most grateful if you could let me know which chapters were your most/least favourite, so that I can learn and improve on my future writings.

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