Figurine – Kino Doll

Kino Mayumi (Figurine)

  • Release date: Unknown (2001?)
  • Creator: Minatogawa Amaha, Amie-Grand Co. Ltd. 
  • Type: General Audiences
  • Status: Do not have
  • Rarity: Extremely Rare


I do not have this doll. From the looks of the packaging, it could have been sold in large quantities. Its can still be found regularly at Yahoo Japan Auctions, and often at a crazy price (10,000YEN or more). So far however, I’ve been unable to bring myself to buy one, because I’d rather spend the money on a DVD boxset or a stack of doujinshi. I’m also terrified at the thought of having to color the doll myself. It does look very well-crafted and detailed though. One final complaint – Why isn’t there a Gusuku figurine?! 😛


~ by ticktank on September 3, 2008.

One Response to “Figurine – Kino Doll”

  1. There’s also a figurine doll of mutio out there. See the link below:

    Personally, I’d rather have the Mutio figurine, but I’m probably bias…

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