青の6号: Time & Tide (DC) – Game Guide Part 1

Please Read First:
I decided (after some hesitation) to post a strategy guide & walkthrough of this obscure yet wonderful BS6 game. This guide is aimed mostly at helping non-Japanese speaking players, and its quite a challenging feat for me since I myself am unable to speak or write the language. I am also curious as to the number of non-Japanese players who actually have this game, whether in the original Dreamcast Disc format, or as a ROM, and whether this guide would be read by anyone. But its a small matter really…as I’m quite contented posting things only for myself to read 😛

In this post I will be covering the following topics:

  1. A special thank you to KinsukeJP
  2. Game overview and Characters
  3. Enemy list & strategies

Special thanks to KinsukeJP

As mentioned earlier, I hesitated doing a guide on this game, because a very good one had already been posted on GameFAQs, authored by KinsukeJP. His FAQ also came with several GIF files that gave accurate translations of many of the Japanese terms, item names and locations in the game. Most of what I am therefore about to present here is mostly from his guide, with a few tweaks, grammatical edits and personal strats added in here and there. I was unable to reach him via his email (seems to be full), so I do hope he is ok with this. I am not taking credit for his work, just enhancing it 😛

Game overview and Characters

For a detailed summary of the game’s story and plot (spoilers aplenty), refer to the post [here]. BS6: Time & Tide can be thought of as a RPG and simulation game. The general flow of the game involves (you, as Hayami) undertaking salvage missions to earn money, which you then use to upgrade your Grampus and pay for subsequent missions. In between missions, you will have a chance to experience the story and events that unfold. This cycle continues until the conclusion of the story. The game takes about 12-15 hours to complete for a first timer.

Below is a short description of the main characters you will encounter in the game. Deliberately kept spoiler free. Character profiles for some of them can be found elsewhere on this site.

  1. Tetsu Hayami (速水鉄)– The character you play. Anti-hero & former Blue Fleet sailor who is an expert Grampus pilot
  2. Ran Fang (蘭芳) – A young street orphan who joins Hayami in his adventures
  3. Yung Jing (元章) – Friend of Hayami and team mate in his salvaging operations
  4. Yang Chung Ying (春玉) – A mysterious and beautiful woman in red, who tasks Hayami with 3 important missions
  5. Zheng & Zheng’s wife (鄭 & 鄭夫人) – Parents of Yung Jing and owners of the East Salvaging Guild Company
  6. Governor Cox (コックス) – Ambitious and arrogant ruler of Shin Sekai City
  7. Priest Goldon (ゴルドン神父) – Caretaker of the Church and a man with a shady past
  8. Somtou (ソムトウ) – Leader of the SSK city resistance movement

Enemy List & Strategies

Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it, the enemies you will face in this game are not of a large variety, and on the most part are easy to defeat.

Shellfish, jellyfish, sea turtles etc. These aren’t truly enemies per-se, as they aren’t hostile by default, but can be killed. They mostly exist to confuse you (by showing up as blips on your active sonar, and as noise on your passive sonar). They have very low HP and can be killed easily with bullet fire. They can turn hostile if you bump into them hard, or damage them. Be quite wary of one particular critter – the electric jellyfish, as its electric charges can damage you if you get too close.

Top Speed & Turning Speed – 30 Knots, Average
Health – Medium to Low

The Su-Ras are medium-sized fishes with silver+orange colors.  They are often found in the earlier parts of the game, swimming in pairs, and frequenting shallow zones. They are also the first enemies you will face. Su-Ras do not have alot of HP, and they don’t turn very fast. When low on HP, they will usually attempt to flee. Hitting them with unguided torpedoes is easy.

Top Speed & Turning Speed: 50 Knots, Fast
Health – Medium to High

These silver-colored sharks are perhaps the most common enemies you will face throughout the game. They can be found in all salvage zones, except at extreme depths. They move and turn rather fast, making unguided torpedoes unsuitable against them except when they’re charging at you head on. Not too much of a problem if you can steer your Grampus well.

Top Speed & Turning Speed: 50 Knots, Fast
Health – Very High

The ‘big brother’ of the Crown-Head shark, Land-Heads show up in the later half of the game, and are almost a guaranteed encounter during deep dive missions. They move very fast and are almost impossible to hit from afar without guided torpedoes. These sharks are black and white in color, and are highly sensitive to the active sonar pulse. Its best to go full reverse and dodge to the side when fighting these enemies.

Assault Crab
Top Speed & Turning Speed: 15 Knots (Estimate), Slow
Health – High

Assault crabs are orange colored ‘land’ based enemies that have limited swimming abilities (very slow). They are capable of firing projectiles at you, which can be destroyed by your own projectiles. This can be a disadvantage when trying to fire torpedoes, as they may detonate early and cause damage to your Grampus. The Crabs are tricky enemies for two reasons – they are immune to bullets (except the most powerful vulcan ones), and they are undetectable by almost all active and VR sonars, because of their low noise (they like to sneak up on you). Be sure to have a good stock of powerful torpedoes when fighting these enemies. Cheaper unguided torpedoes can work just as well, since the assault crabs are slow moving.

Top Speed & Turning Speed: 10 Knots, Slow
Health – Medium

These are funny enemies – they can always be found hiding under the bodies of small cars, which double up as their protective shells and as a means of disguise. They can’t be detected on the sonar unless they move, and they will rarely if ever move unless you have your back to them (sneaky bastards). Hermit Crabs attack with their claws when you get too close, or by flinging rocks that can be destroyed. The cars they like to hide under are always the same – grey and two-doored. You can ‘test’ and see if a car is a Hermit Crab in disguise by firing a few bullet rounds and see if it flickers. A one-trick pony enemy.

Yell Fish
Top Speed & Turning Speed: 20 Knots, Slow
Health – Very High

The Yell-Fish first appears as a ‘mini boss’, and then as a regular enemy in subsequent missions. Its very large and has a ‘lantern’ sticking out from the top of its head, which acts as a sonic/laser(?) cannon. Despite its large size and intimidating presence, the Yell Fish is downright pathetic. Its projectiles take forever to charge up, and you can easily dodge them by hitting your ballast controls. To kill this enemy, simply fire your torpedoes at it again and again until it drops dead, which often happens way too quickly. You can even take a hit or two if you have the HP.

Top Speed & Turning Speed: 70 Knots, Very Fast
Health – Extremely High

Whoa! Finally an enemy you have to take seriously. The Oo-agos are MASSIVE sea-snakes with the head of a dragon (or something similar). Their scales are black/red in color and fortunately can not shoot projectiles. They are first encountered during a specific mission where you are tasked to kill 3 of them, and then as enemies in the deepest waters later on. Do NOT try to fight these guys with unguided torpedoes, unless you’re planning to take alot of explosion damage for firing them too close. Even homing torpedoes can have problems hitting them, due to their high turning speeds. The best method of killing them for me is to go max reverse and turn constantly, while unloading torpedo after torpedo as it tries to ram you. It has a ton of HP, so bring only the most powerful weapons.

X Drone
Top Speed & Turning Speed: 70 Knots, Very Fast
Health – Very High

These drones are launched from the X sub by Bayard. You only fight them in the last two ‘missions’ of the game, and they come in 2 waves of 5. Its practically impossible to hit these enemies with unguided torpedoes, as they’re extremely agile. They attack using missiles and needleguns, which aren’t too hard to dodge if you’re good with the controls. The missiles do have some homing capabilities, but they don’t turn very well. The difficult part is getting a torpedo lock on these guys, but once you do, they’ll go down quickly. Spam homing torpedoes when you get a lock, and reverse accelerate constantly. Players who are experts at Ace Combat should have fun here.

“Catherine” (Giant Squid)
Top Speed & Turning Speed: ?? Knots, Fast
Health – Extreme

The Catherine is a ‘boss’ enemy you will face up to 3 times during the game, and an optional ‘final boss’ you can choose to kill towards the end of the game for tons of reward money. Her attacks are:

  1. Rock Spit – Hurls several large circular boulders from its mouth at you. Dodge by flooding the ballast tanks.
  2. Tentacle Swat – A slow swiping attack that can be easily avoided. Very damaging though.
  3. ‘Summon’ small squids – Occurs during the optional mission only. She constantly has 2 annoying little squids swimming around your sub and bumping you for light damage. They can also cause your torpedoes to detonate prematurely and damage your Grampus. Can be killed quite easily, but not recommended as they respawn quickly.

Catherine can only be damaged by firing torpedoes at its eyes and mouth, so some positioning is required. Because she’s freaking huge, unguided torpedoes work just fine. I’ve never tried using the needlegun against her, as it seemed rather silly. She barely moves, and isn’t that hard to defeat overall, as long as you have good control of your Grampus, and a large stock of torpedoes. Just spam torpedoes every time you get line of sight.

That concludes part 1 of the guide. I’ll be going through the customizations and weapons in the next article.


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