Jung Zorndyke

  • Age: 74
  • Nationality: Albanian
  • Occupation: Former Project Blue Lead Scientist; Creator of the Chimeran Race 
  • Appearances: OVA, PS1

BIOGRAPHY (Source: 青の6号 DVD Character Files)
Graduated from the University of Tirana and decided to study in the United States to research a hybrid gene project. After doing research at CalTech and MIT he became the head researcher on the food DNA production research project. Later, he moved to England and continued his work at the government clone-science institution. With Venture Capital Investor’s help, he gets involved in the Socodara Okiami hybrid gene project. After returning to Albania, his wife is killed because of his research. The last words from his speech at the University of Tirana were “Chaos, Cosmos, Eros, Thanatos”.

He joined others in the creation of the organization known as “Blue”, and changed the research facility that he bought with his own money into a Blue military base. He finished his research on Chimera, the science of two cells combined into one, and later rebelled against the Blue Organization and occupied the South Base. He announced a plan to annihilate all mankind. 

My thoughts & opinions
The man himself. Like most others (I’m sure) who watched the OVA for the first time, I was expecting this villain to be a sneering, raving lunatic with a lab coat, somewhere along the lines of Dr. Wily. The look on his face on the Time magazine cover plus the pre-recorded rhetoric being spewed by the Umigumos sure gave me that impression.

It was hence surprising to know eventually that Zorndyke was a peaceful, soft-spoken man, and almost like a father figure. It didn’t change the fact that he was still responsible for genocide, but it certainly made him less hated and alot more mysterious. For me at least. Still, his character and actions remained too abstract even after the end of the series. Was he a man with a plan, or a man with a mess? Was he gambling on the hope that his children won’t turn against him, given that he is himself a human? Why did he not finish off humanity immediately when he could easily do so (they had nukes too)?

Zorndyke’s character was not further developed in the BS6: Antarctica unfortunately. He says the same lines during Kino and Hayami’s meeting with him. The only addition however was the sound of the gunshot from Hayami’s gun (while the screen has faded to black), followed by Kino screaming Hayami’s name.

I’ve attemped to examine and rationally explain the motivations behind his action in a Fanfic of mine, but it is certainly in no way 100% true or sensible. Perhaps Zorndyke’s actions were never intended to actually make sense…


~ by ticktank on August 30, 2008.

6 Responses to “Jung Zorndyke”

  1. In my opinion, he’s the villain of blue sub 6. The death of his family doesn’t justify what he did.

  2. No, he doesn’t want what he did justified. And it wasn’t just his family’s deaths that caused him to do those atrossities but it was what helped trigger him into doing so. Jung Zorndyke was “DISGUSTED” with humanity. He no longer wanted to even consider himself human. He also wanted to make a point and so he did, and in doing so he killed billions of people. I wouldn’t disagree with the idea of him being a villian but come on, there is no question in |JUSTIFING| his actions, lol. He wanted to punish our race and make us learn that our ways, our nature, will destroy us. Jung Zorndye, in reference to episode 2 pilots, turned the hands of time forward by just a little bit. He believed this would be our outcome. I think he created his children for other purposes that would also support the underlying idea of teaching us a lesson.

  3. In essence to the thoughts and oppinions of tinktank, Jung Zorndyke is a odd ball of all villians. He makes you think, which is something I like. I agree, a soft spoken peaceful man. He was not afraid of death really. He at the time he commited genocide didn’t realy want to live anymore, the only reason he probably didn’t want to kill himself is probobly to get back at humanity. You said you expected him to be raving mad. well, You say Dr. Wily I say proffesor Hojo from FF 7. Frankly Jung is a strange case.

  4. i say you two are fucking crazy!!!!!!!!!!

  5. After spending years researching all possible outcomes of Zorndyke’s actions, methods, theories, war, murder, expectations, and the horrible things he and his monsters have done.

    Based on real life science and modern knowledge, I can tell you, there is no way he gets what he wants, nor does he get back on humanity or bring peace to the world. Instead the only thing he accomplished is breaking the record of being the evil, sick minded murderer in the entire world’s history. In other words, his plan was a fail to begin with. His family would be so happy to be dead in this case, heck they would kill him themselves if they have to.

    Because in truth, humanity never did anything to him, just because a group of hundred people did something wrong, does not make all billions of people evil.

    Also if he thinks killings billions is advancing the clock, hes wrong, because by then human scientists would have ways of stopping disasters. Also humans would not be waring because by then they would have prepared the laws and ethics that would allow hybrids to live with them as fellow humans.

    Whats funny is that in real life, the ability to create human animal hybrids became possible in 2003, thanks to chinese scientists. Now they are only being grown in embryos and destoryed before 14 days so their cells can be extracted. They dont let them grow beyound 14 days, because then the cells in the egg would grow into an fetus, and killing the egg by then may count as murder(See, humans in real life care about the chimeras).

    Also it was comfirmed by scientists that chimeras, even if not full human, can still have full normal human children, wether they mate with humans or other chimeras(Imagine how Verg would feel when he finds out his own child turns out to be human, heck all those mutios may have human children).

  6. Dr. Moreau + Colonel Kurtz + Karl Stromberg = Jung Zorndyke.

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