Doujinshi (同人誌) – ミューティオの飼いかた& 水妖どうでしょう

**Warning: Sexual content (cartoon nudity) on this page. Do not proceed if you’re not of legal age or don’t want to be.


  • Release date: 2007 (Comiket 73; Winter)
  • Circle & Artists: 09Factory, 大原久太郎
  • Type: Adult (18+) only
  • Characters: Mutio
  • Status: Own (Hardcopy version only)
  • Rarity: Extremely Rare

Sale details
This comic was sold in the Winter 73 Comiket which I attended. However, due to poor scheduling, I only managed to get one copy of this doujinshi from his table when I finally made it to the East halls (there were 3 left and some folks were looking to buy them as well). Better than nothing I guess…

Contents & opinions
This comic consists of less than 10 pages, some of which has characters I am not familiar with. The contents are in B/W, mixed with some handwritten text, and the pages are stapled. It depicts Mutio in some cute poses (some of them sexually explicit), drawn in an almost lolita-like fashion (really young and small). Honestly? The best art can be found on the front and back covers.

Artist info & availability
09Factory seems to be a new artist, based on the date logs on his blog (started in mid-2007). Either that or he’s been around for much longer, but only recently decided to establish a web presence. This comic seems to be his first as well (in terms of BS6 related works). I highly doubt additional prints of these are for sale online. More on him later below:


  • Release date: 2008 (Comiket 74; Summer)
  • Circle & Artists: 09Factory, 大原久太郎
  • Type: Adult (18+) only
  • Characters: Mutio
  • Status: Own
  • Rarity: Rare

Sale details
I purchased 3 copies of this doujinshi during my most recent Comiket visit in August 2008, on day 3. The artist was just about the only one among the few thousand others who stated that he was going to do BS6 fanwork. Each copy costed me a mere 100YEN. Why? Read on…

Contents & opinions
I’ll be straight and honest with the details. This doujinshi contains only 4 pages, not counting the two colored front and back covers. The contents are in B/W, and contain a balanced mix of handwritten text and sketches of Mutio obviously. The pages are stapled together and  self printed on a good quality laser printer i.e. this is strictly a home-made fan work and NOT from a printing press. One  should not be surprised about the quality however, as the majority of the work being showcased in Comikets are of such a nature – produced by non-professional but otherwise passionate fans of [anime/manga series] who are expressing their said passions through art and fiction i.e. no different from an amateur writer or Deviant-art contributer. Any fan material on BS6 is thus always a good thing (hentai or not) and should be encouraged. Thanks very much 09Factory!

Artist info & availability
This is the 2nd BS6-related doujinshi that 09Factory has released, as far as I can tell. I estimate that there were only about 50 copies of this comic for sale at his booth, and I am unsure if he has more in reserve. 09Factory isn’t a professional artist with his own printing press, as mentioned above, so you definitely won’t be finding his work on sale in bulk on Melonbooks or Toranoana. Perhaps one of the other 47 buyers would be scanning and putting up the comic online in future. Don’t expect too much though. Whether or not he will be producing another BS6 related work in the next Comiket (75, Winter) is anyone’s guess, but we can hope 😛

PS: Any Japanese speaking fans reading this? Mind helping me drop a thank you/appreciation note (ありがとう) to 09Factory? 😛 His site is [here].

[Edit (03/09/2008)]: Mutio fans and horndogs rejoice. It seems that a kind soul has scanned and uploaded all 5 pages of the doujinshi onto the Share P2P program. Happy searching, yer pirates! 😛

[Edit (18/09/2008)]: Well…if you still can’t get enough of Mutio, you might want to check these 2 links out:



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5 Responses to “Doujinshi (同人誌) – ミューティオの飼いかた& 水妖どうでしょう”

  1. That’s certainly the most unfriendly p2p interface I’ve ever seen in my life. Even with this tutorial I found I can’t figure out how to search for these doujins.

  2. Nevermind, found it.

  3. Hehe, spirit is the key. Grats!

  4. Hi Cloudrunner,

    Hope you read this, but I’d like to speak to you via email if its possible, regarding the comment you posted (its being held for moderation atm). Asking here because you didn’t provide one. My email’s on the about me page.

    If you’re not keen thats fine too 😛

  5. [Edited and consolidated by Ticktank]

    I uploaded the 3 pages with mutio in them to [blocked]. The other page was just some random lolicon from what I could tell. As far as the one from c73 is concerned, I think it’s lost to the internet forever unless 09factory starts taking mail orders or posts it online.

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