Musuca (ムスカ)

  • Role: Naval Assault Ship & Transporter
  • Color(s): Various (Mostly Brown/Grey)
  • Status after the OVA: Alive

Musucas are not machines but large organic creatures, most likely created from various whale species through genetic modification. They serve as the Chimeran Army’s ‘main battle tanks’, but are seemingly outclassed by the Blue Fleet submarines in a one-to-one matchup (they appear to have problems dodging torpedoes).

Musucas attack via the use of sound/sonics from their noses. (Note: This is apparently an unproven fact in actual whales i.e. no evidence to suggest that whales are capable of using sound to stun their prey). Musucas can also be coated with a special bio-membrane fluid, giving it stealth capabilities and allowing it to carry smaller vessels (like Umigumos) and organic torpedoes.

One particular Musuca – Akahage (赤 ハゲ) or “Red Spot” appeared to differ from the other Musucas in several aspects. It is capable of sentient thought, independent functioning, and can speak the human language (perhaps telepathically).


~ by ticktank on August 27, 2008.

2 Responses to “Musuca (ムスカ)”

  1. I think I read somewhere that Sperm whales use a sonic barrage from an amplifier organ to fight giant squids. It’s just that it’s never actually been observed being used as a weapon, but it could be. See the link below:

    “The whale released a sonic barrage from his amplifier organ, surrounded by spermatic oil and tissue of special acoustical properties. The barrage reaches the beast, which seemingly reeled backwards from the pressure. It appeared stunned as the whale rushed in and prepared to engulf its prey.”

    I saw a discovery channel special on killer whales and squids that hypothesized the pressure wave from the sonic blast is what kills the squid, and it’s an especially effective weapon in an underwater environment (water doesn’t compress).

  2. blue submarine No 6 concept art 19

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