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What better way to break the monotony of repeated BS6 Doujinshi listings than with a shameless plug about my own BS6 fan fiction! 😛 BTW, for those not familiar with fanfiction terminology, a “oneshot” refers to a single-chaptered story, or a short.

Flesh, Heart & Metal

Rating: T (Some descriptive violence)

My first BS6 story, which turned out worse than I imagined (just read through it again for the first time in months). This story describes, based on my imagination, what happened immediately after Blue 6’s torpedoes impacted the Ghost Ship. I won’t be doing a full rewrite, as I want it to serve as a reminder of how horrible I was. My motivation for writing this fic was simple – I was unsatisfied with the final battle scene between Blue 6 and the Ghost Ship. I wanted more bang. I wanted to see more ownage. A screaming Verg was simply not enough, and it also begs several question – how did he and Mutio manage to escape? Perhaps Blue 6 spared their lives? What about Blue 3 and the grinning French Captain?

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Captain Ahab

Rating: T (Some violence portrayed through dialogue; single use of the F-word)

Ah, Moby Dick. One of my favorite novels ever. A story of revenge, set in the seas and peppered with metaphors, symbolism and classic dialogues. If you haven’t read this book, I strongly suggest that you do. Or Wiki it for a summary of the plot.

This oneshot was a lame attempt on my part to write about the apparent similarities between Captain Ahab of Moby Dick and BS6’s N’dulle Gilford, our angry Catholic Sub-Captain. The bulk of the story is devoted to a dialogue session between Gilford and a young Kino, set some time before the OVA, where the Captain laments about her losses and her desires for vengeance against Zorndyke. This session would in turn have a profound effect on Kino’s own motivations in the subsequent years, all the way till her face-to-face meeting with Zorndyke.

My personal opinion? Revenge certainly won’t bring things back to normal, but it can make you feel better…at least for awhile. Our entire criminal justice system is based on retribution and fairness anyway. And as long as the act of revenge isn’t illegal…

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The Journal Entries of Jung Zorndyke

A compilation of the recovered writings of Jung Zorndyke, prime villain of the Blue Submarine No.6 universe, detailing 20 years of his work, motivations and turmoils.

Rating: NC16 (Some violence, political opinions and minor criticisms towards organized religion)

I started this fanfic as a side project, as I was midway into writing Reunion & Resolution. I figured it would be a fun exercise trying to deduce the motivations and thoughts of the mad scientist. At first glance, many of Zorndyke’s actions seem contradictory and lacking foresight e.g. why link the poleshift device to his own heartbeat? How could he not expect his children to eventually realize that he is himself a human? It didn’t help that all of the official data on Zorndyke was vague, and didn’t give us a clear understanding of his grand plans (if he had one). Perhaps one day, when I finally master the Japanese language, I can ask Mr. Satoro Ozawa himself for some answers 😛

This fanfic therefore was my attempt at making sense of his ideas and hopefully portray him as a seemingly ‘prophetic’ man with a desire to redeem himself. The flow of the events noted in his ‘journal’ was meant to show how Zorndyke, a once-principled scientist, was driven to insanity and vengeance following his disillusionment with humanity and the murder of his family. Styling the story in this manner opened up tons of exciting opportunities for me to give my perspective on how Zorndyke lived his years following his act of genocide, and the role he may have played while creating the various hybrid species. I made up some elements along the way of course, but hopefully it wasn’t too unbelievable. Particular elements that I tried to address in the story include:

  • His relationship with his ‘children’; notably Marcello, Verg & Amonyushuu
  • How the name of the “Ghost Ship” was derived
  • The significance of the red-eyed Mutios
  • Why he decided to link the poleshift device’s controls to his heart
  • Why he didn’t just nuke the poleshift device himself and kill humanity

At over 9000 words, its the lengthiest piece of fiction I’ve ever written. Scary thing is, it could have been even longer if I still had the energy to add in more entries. Sorting out the entries into a believable ‘order’ was also a tiring chore (I didn’t write the journal entries in a straight sequence). Hope you enjoy it!

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~ by ticktank on August 26, 2008.

3 Responses to “Fan Fiction (By Ticktank) – Oneshots”

  1. Both Tales of the Crew and Journal Entries of Jung Zorndyke were great. Probably the best Blue Submarine fanfiction to date (there’s not much of it floating around out there though).

    I have one suggestion if you’re thinking of writing more fanfiction.

    How about writing a story which covers the events of the Blue Sub 6 games Antarctica and Time & Tide? You could sort of expand on the story and give an insight into what the characters were thinking. Maybe fill the gap between the games and the OVA…

  2. I agree. Excellent idea

  3. Hi guys,

    Happy to hear that you liked my fanfic. I’ll take your suggestion into consideration, but as of now, I’m not really planning to start another BS6 related fanfic, as I can’t think up of a good plot to keep me interested. 😛 My style is to work on a story only after I’ve had the entire plot and chapter structure down, because I hate publishing stuff that won’t be completed.

    If I do start on another multi-chapter story though, it’ll most likely be a ‘sequel’ to Tales of the Crew. I’ll see if I can find the motivation to post the deleted chapter from R&R.

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