BS6 OVA: Observations and oddities

Just some strange stuff I’ve observed in my course of watching the OVA religiously for the past 10 years. 😛 Enjoy…

1. Young Gilford?

This scene occurred during Hayami’s flashback at the start of EP3. In the final image, we see a grainy photo of presumably the Project Blue team gathered in a tropical resort. Is that Black woman sitting in front a young N’dulle Gilford? The resemblance is there…

2. A Bipedal Mutio?

Mutios are supposedly non-bipedal creatures, to emphasize the fact that they are more attuned to the sea environment. But one of them seemed to be standing upright and running just fine. 🙂 I didn’t notice this until the second or third viewing. Was this running Mutio meant as a lighthearted joke, or an implication of their potential to live on land and walk? Well, its good news to Hayami at least, if he’s thinking of umm…co-existing with her in future.

3. A human hand?

Ah yes, the bloody, severed hand of a poor human that proved to be a costly distraction for Hayami. Or is it? Looking closer, it appears that the hand in question has some really long and sharp fingernails. Purple in color too. Either its the hand belonging to some nasty human female with a bad sense of coloring, or its the hand of a hybrid. A Mutio or Cat-beast perhaps?

4. So why didn’t the Umigumo kill Hayami in EP3?

The Musuca only showed up at least 10 seconds later, enough time for Hayami to mutter a couple of sentences. Were Mutio’s siblings actually listening to her pleas? Were they just playing chicken with Hayami? I still can’t think of a good answer to this, up till today. One that isn’t “because the story can’t continue with Hayami being dead”.

5. What is Kino up to?

Your aim’s a little off my dear…

This concludes another meaningless post.


~ by ticktank on August 24, 2008.

4 Responses to “BS6 OVA: Observations and oddities”

  1. Oooooh ok, its a Mutio hand.

  2. I don’t think Kino would have shot Zorndyke even if Hayami wasn’t there. Her aim being off is probably a mistake in the animation department, but I just can’t see Kino’s character pointing a gun at another human being. I think the only reason she was willing to shoot Mutio was because Mutio wasn’t human. No matter how much Kino hated Zorndyke she probably would have never killed him. Her aim being off could be the result of shaking hands. She became very emotional when Zorndyke started his final speech. So kino’s aim was off because she never would have shot Zorndyke.

    Why didn’t the Umigumo kill Hayami right away? Remember that the Ghost Ship rescued Katsuma instead of killing him. Maybe the Mutio’s had orders to capture Hayami and were going to take him prisoner? If Red Spot hadn’t showed up Hayami might have been captured and turned into a chimera like katsuma. Also before the Umigumo showed up, Mutio’s sisters were listening to her pleas. Word had probably spread that Hayami saved mutio (verg and Red Spot knew about it) and maybe that gave Mutio’s sisters pause. The Umigumo’s giant prong pointed at Hayami’s head could be the pilot’s way of saying: “move and you’re dead!”

    From the look of the nails, the bloody hand probably belongs to a hybrid whose Umigumo was destroyed.

  3. Hi King Lear,

    The gun was steady and not aimed at Zorndyke for the entire 2-3 second shot of that scene. I agree it just confirms that belief that Kino could’t carry through with her threat.

    As for your take on why Hayami wasn’t killed immediately, it sounds really plausible. Capturing Hayami and turning him into one of them. Never thought of that 😛

  4. I have another theory as to why Mutio’s sisters didn’t kill Hayami. Maybe they were more like Mutio than we give them credit for. Perhaps they did have orders to kill Hayami. A human showing kindness to a chimera was probably unheard of. The fact that Hayami saved Mutio really did make them stop and question their orders. Mutios sisters didn’t need an umigumo to kill Hayami. They could have just swarmed him and ripped him to pieces whenever they wanted to. If red spot had not shown up then maybe Hayami wouldn’t have been killed anyway. If they were gonna do it then they would have killed him immediately. Remember how Mutio’s sister reacted when Red Spot showed up and rescued Hayami? Their anger just vanished. If they had still wanted to kill Hayami, but were afraid of Red spot, then they wouldn’t have started singing. Both Mutio and Red Spot vouching for Hayami made Mutio’s sister let Hayami go.

    Finally, in Episode 4 Verg is furious to learn that a human was allowed to survive the destruction of the Blue Dome thanks to Mutio. This tells me that he had ordered any survivors (Hayami) be killed. Also he goes onto rant about how much he hates Mutio and her sisters. He calls Mutio and her sisters “cats” at one point and complains about how they constantly lie and steal. This tells me that Mutio’s sisters directly ignored one of Verg’s orders.

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