Doujinshi (同人誌) – Azure: BS6 Character Filegraphy

Azure: BS6 Character Filegraphy

  • Release date: 2001 (Comiket 60; Winter)
  • Circle & Artists: Pasta’s Estab (PSE), Range Murata (村田 蓮爾)
  • Type: General Audiences
  • Characters: Various (101 pages)
  • Status: Own (hardcopy & softcopy version)
  • Rarity: Very Rare, but scans easily available online


Sale details
This artbook was not endorsed or sold as an official BS6 product by GONZO. It was sold at the 2001 Winter Comiket 60 as a fan work, which I regretfully was unable to attend (as I had already spent money attending Comiket 59). At a cost of 2500YEN off his table, I miraculously managed to get a second-hand copy through Ebay for US$60 plus shipping a few months later. (Note: Cover image above is taken from the Long Range Bullet site, as I don’t want to scan mine).

Contents & opinions
This is one slick doujinshi and a must-have for serious BS6 fans. This book contains sketches and color illustrations of all the characters in the BS6 universe, including the characters featured in the PS1 and DC games, that were designed by Mr. Murata i.e. everyone except Verg and Mutio. It is 99 pages thick and is binded by a Blue Plastic ‘folder’, and comes with a translucent plastic zipper bag. I did not test if the bag was waterproof. Some of the illustrations also show character sketches and concepts that were not used in the final product e.g. a more menacing looking Zorndyke.

Artist info & availability
Range Murata needs no introduction IMO. He is a very talented artist who specializes in anime works and clothing/accessories. His character designs are always memorable. Females tend to have large eyes and almost lolita-like features, while male characters look rugged and lean. If you want more information on him, you can visit his official site i.e. PSE Web (click). Hardcopies of this doujinshi can still be found ocassionally on Ebay, Yahoo Japan Auctions or other Doujinshi stores online, but are usually expensive (US$50 and above). Softcopies i.e. scans can be obtained via torrents and other sources without too much problems. As mentioned earlier however, serious BS6 fans should not pass up getting a hardcopy of this wonderful doujinshi.


~ by ticktank on August 22, 2008.

3 Responses to “Doujinshi (同人誌) – Azure: BS6 Character Filegraphy”

  1. So, how similar is azure to the Newtype artbook?

  2. Hmm…

    The artwork found in the newtype book is mostly drawn by the animators of the OVA, and are in black and white. The newtype book also contains character bios, story summary and a glossary. In fact, the production sketches that you sent me (the ones with the English notes) are taken from the newtype book. These sketches can also be seen in the Anime legends DVD collection.

    Both books share some artwork, but they also have drawings not found in either.

    Sorry, not very good at explaining this, but the best option IMO? Buy a copy of the newtype book 😛

  3. Zorndyke looks much more interesting in this concept photo than the final used in the film. “!!!!” He. Looks. Like. My. Cousin. DAVE.

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