Umigumo (Kumo)

  • Role: Amphibious Attack Vehicle
  • Color(s): Brown
  • Status after the OVA: Unknown; probably deactivated and stored

The Umigumo or “Kumo” appears to be the Chimeran army’s standard assault vehicle and primary counter to the Grampus. It is armed with torpedoes, needle guns and pressurized cannons mounted on its two claws. Being an amphibious machine, it can engage in combat in both ground and underwater environments.

The performance of this machine against the Grampuses seems rather lacklustre and weak however. The Umigumos appear to be fragile machines; easily outclassed unless in large numbers, and easily torn apart by sub-launched shrapnel torpedoes (see EP1 and EP4), and hand grenades.

Though the character bios noted that Mutios are the Umigumo’s ‘ultimate’ pilots, this is not evidence that the machines are piloted by them exclusively. I personally believe that they are piloted by various Chimera, with the Mutios being the most elite among them. It doesn’t seem to make sense to designate the females and ‘mothers’ of a species into such a dangerous role.


~ by ticktank on August 21, 2008.

2 Responses to “Umigumo (Kumo)”

  1. The umigumo is far more advance than the grampus considering it can operate on land.

    Also, females do handle G-forces better than males (I think), so that may explain why the Mutios were pilots.

  2. Correction: the Grampus attack Vehicle cockpit is also a detachable exoskeleton that can operate on land. However, the entire Umigumo itself can operate on land unlike the Grampus. So, the Umigumo is a true Amphibian fighting vehicle.

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