Site Traffic Musings – Sex & Fish

Did she drop the fish in there?Did the title get your attention? I’m still very green when it comes to the whole blog/web designing routine. WordPress’s interface has been rather complex, and it was only yesterday that I found out about this nice feature called ‘stats‘. It basically gives me info on this blog’s traffic, right down to details such as the no. of views for each post, no. of times an image/link has been clicked, the search engine terms & links that led to this site (some were really naughty), and the most popular posts.

So I analysed the trends. And the results I got were startling. The two most reliable predictors of a page’s popularity seem to be: (1) Mutio and (2) Sex, with the most popular pages being the ones on the doujins (they really skyrocketed the hit counter), and the love analysis.

And the creepy search terms people use to get to this site? “Mutio sex” “hentai” and the names of the doujins. Literally, anything related to the fish girl or sex or BOTH gets more hits than any other page. I guess there’s no running away from our only clear purpose in life, and its nothing to be ashamed about really :). But still, fans should realize that Blue Submarine No. 6 isn’t just about a cute looking fish girl and what you imagine doing to her, and is not what this little project is meant to be.

So to be clear, my intentions have not changed. This is to be a BS6 Information Site, not a BS6 hentai platform, nor a Mutio Shrine, even though I do think she’s cute too. Just not as hot as Gusuku.

Lame picture jokes aside, I must say that its been very eye opening and satisfying to know that there are still many passionate fans of BS6, even after 10 years. I did not start this blog to get praise or attention. I was simply bored, and needed a healthy outlet to express my own passions about this wonderful anime, even if there wouldn’t be anyone around to listen. Its been a month…lets see how much further I can go, and how much material is left to talk about. Thanks for the support!

You can resume looking at that top left picture now. 😛


~ by ticktank on August 13, 2008.

2 Responses to “Site Traffic Musings – Sex & Fish”

  1. [Edit: Consolidated comments]


    I don’t find this too surprising for some reason. Sex sells, right?

    If you expanded the sections you have on the blue sub games I imagine that that would get a tonne of hits. A walkthrough for the games for those who don’t speak japanese would be useful…

    Also, the first pic in your post isn’t helping things. It’s like waving a piece of meat in front of a dog and then snatching it away…

    And finally, I’m sure that things would get better if links/stuff/info was posted in the fan Works section that wasn’t just about doujins…

  2. Hi King Lear!

    Yes, I will definitely be putting up more game/OVA related material once the Comiket craze ends.

    Hehe, as for the interesting pics, its all in good fun. You might see the full picture in future…from another source.

    Will be putting up new fan and information material slowly. All in due time 🙂 Thanks for your support!

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