Freeda Verasko

  • Age: 28
  • Nationality: Mexican
  • Occupation: Blue No. 6 Co-Navigator 
  • Appearances: OVA, PS1, DC 

BIOGRAPHY (Source: 青の6号 DVD Character Files)
Freeda was raised in a military family; her father was an officer in the Mexican Navy. She has a husband and a 3 year old child, but during Zorndyke’s war they became separated. She loves and appreciates the beauty of botany and painted pictures

My thoughts & opinions
Freeda gave me the impression of being a tough, independent but still feminine character, like Ellen Ripley. She doesn’t return Alex’s flirtations, at least not openly, but seems to enjoy getting the attention. Freeda plays a more motherly role in the BS6: Antarctica game – giving Kino advice and some background on her family back home. A character that could have been given more screentime and development IMO.


~ by ticktank on August 13, 2008.

3 Responses to “Freeda Verasko”

  1. All the characters could have been given more screentime and development.

    Blue Submarine 6 may have been an OVA, but the sheer volume of characters would be better suited for a full 26 episode series. Maybe Gonzo even considered it at one point.

    There were rumours that GONZO would consider doing a live action blue sub 6 film if it ever went into LA films.

    Personally, I would love to have GONZO come and remake the Blue Sub 6 OVA into a full series. Unlikely, but it would be nice…

  2. Isn’t this based off the manga? So shouldn’t the manga have more info than the OVA? All I see you mention is the OVA and the game but never the Manga. Have you read it at all?

    • The manga and OVA are almost totally different, storyline and character wise. This is based on the sypnosis and from reading 1 volume of the manga. So it is unlikely that there will be more relevant info there.

      What gets shown on this blog is up to the blog’s owner. And as mentioned in the FAQ and in several other posts, this blog is centered towards the OVA and its spinoffs, so obviously, ‘all’ I’m talking about is the OVA 🙂

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