Doujinshi (同人誌) – “AMA”

One final entry for the day. This one’s about a strange Mutio comic that I’ve only come to know about a few months back.


  • Release date: 1999/12/25, Possible Comiket?
  • Circle & Artists: Hajime Ueda (上田ハジメ)
  • Type: General Audiences 
  • Characters: Mutio, (others?)
  • Status: Do not have (actively seeking)
  • Rarity: Seems extinct

Sale details:
First off, in case you didn’t notice in the description above, I do not own a copy of this doujinshi, but I am willing to purchase one for good money if there’s a seller. According to the source website: the doujin was sold in December 1999, possibly at a comiket, given the date.

Contents & opinions:
Unknown. According to the description, the comic is a collection of many stories, with the first one being about Mutio and Hayami, during the time they spent together at the wreckage. Its not flagged as an adult comic, so I wonder what the plot is about… If the other artwork of the artist (found on his site) is any indication, I’d expect the images in this book to be very unique, cute-ish and perhaps morbid. Still, anything that has to do with BS6 is something I want to get.

Artist info and availability:
Apart from the artist’s website provided above, I’ve been unable to find any other sources that are selling this so far. Short of enquiring directly with the artist, this book may be extinct 😦 . Sigh…


~ by ticktank on August 12, 2008.

8 Responses to “Doujinshi (同人誌) – “AMA””

  1. Huh, I actually have the cover for it.

    I originally found all my doujins using a japanese p2p app called share. If no hard copies can be found then I might try looking for scans myself.

  2. O.O “extinct”? this term make me sad…

  3. Hey ticktank, I think I found a link to someone selling this doujin on auction:

  4. Just check to make sure they do international shipping first.

    So, this is the only blue submarine doujin you don’t have a soft or hard copy of?

  5. Oh yeah, if for whatever reason you can’t bid on this doujin then let me know. I might try bidding on it.

    Although, this would require setting up a paypal account which is something I loath to do (I really don’t trust web commerce).

  6. Oh, you might also want to take a look at this:

    Looks like it might be the story boards for Blue sub 6

  7. Damn, if this one is has Hayami and Mutio in it…

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