Doujinshi (同人誌) – みューLOVE; Animer 2001

**Warning: Sexual content (cartoon nudity) on this page. Do not proceed if you’re not of legal age or don’t want to be.

みューLOVE; ‘Love-love book #2 Mewtio’

  • Release date: 1999
  • Circle & Artists: 神葉烏龍茶 (Shin-Ba Oolong tea?); SHあRP 
  • Type: General Audiences
  • Characters: Mutio
  • Status: Own (hardcopy version)
  • Rarity: Extremely Rare 


Sale details
Very few copies of this doujinshi were in print, and I was very lucky to chance upon one at Akihabara during my holiday in 2000, a year after its release. It wasn’t being sold in a Comiket as far as I can tell; probably some smaller convention, or directly to the store.

Contents & opinions
This picture book is rather unique, as its printed on a paper size that is slimmer but taller than the standard A4. The pictures are all in green, black and pink color only, giving the impression that a pair of 3D-glasses are needed (they’re not). The book contains about 25 pages of pictures about Mutio, in various poses etc, plus two short stories. Some of the pics are rather funny e.g. Mutio in a schoolgirl uniform, Kino & Huang after being ‘mutated’ into a Mutio. Worth every dollar if you’re a hardcore BS6 fan (like myself), or just a fan of the Mutio character.

Artist info & availability
The circle of artists that did this doujinshi has since disbanded [Edit (15/08/2008): They’re still around] but one of the artists (SHあRP) is still around in other circles, doing Mutio artwork now and then. Last I checked, there are still 1-2 copies of it online for sale in Japanese web doujin shops.

“Animer 2001”

  • Release date: 2001, August
  • Circle & Artists: PX Comics (PX団); ほんだくりお
  • Type: Adult (18+) only
  • Characters: Mutio
  • Status: Own (hardcopy & softcopy version)
  • Rarity: Commonly available online 

Sale details
I managed to buy a hardcopy of this in the 2001 Summer Comiket (the first I have ever attended and survived), and was quite happy along with the 90+ (estimated) other owners to keep this to ourselves. And then someone decided to upload it for everyone to see. 🙂 But at least he’s saving me the trouble of scanning mine, so I used his scan above. Thanks Xander! The comic isn’t completely about Mutio; as the cover suggests, its actually 3 separate stories (all explicit) on 3 different animes. I am unfamiliar with the other 2.

Contents & opinions
The comic is pretty well-drawn, and actually has some story elements, despite it being hentai. Mutio’s siblings are still disgusted by her association with Hayami, despite her pleas, and their Matriarch orders that she ‘experience firsthand the dangers of male perversion’ (if I’m reading the text correctly). What follows next is your typical hardcore non-consensual sex romp with some other mutants, almost culminating into a dreadfully tasteless death scene. Fortunately however, Mutio’s near-death experience triggers memories of her first encounter with Hayami, and with renewed strength, she breaks free of her rapists, and kills them. Hayami > Gatorade apparently. Final frame has her swimming towards the surface, calling out Hayami’s name. A subtly pro-Hayami/Mutio romance ending, or something else? Even the fan comic writers are keeping their relationship ambiguous. Sheesh.

Artist info & availability
This comic is widely available online if you’re eager for some Mutio hentai. She isn’t my favorite character, but I didn’t feel too good for her after reading it, and not at all aroused. Poor girl. As for the circle and artist, they have been releasing several other comics up till 2003. None are BS6-related however.


~ by ticktank on August 11, 2008.

4 Responses to “Doujinshi (同人誌) – みューLOVE; Animer 2001”

  1. I have links of scans for animer 2001 and two other Blue Submarine 6 doujins not on this page. I could post them here if you’d like to share them on this site. The other two doujins I have that you don’t are both about kino.

  2. Okay, I actually read your entire blog entry this time. “Animer 2001” and “another part of me” can be found online pretty easily so there’s not much part in post links to them.

  3. There is another Doujin of Mutio that is very rare. I saw the cover on Danbooru and it was called “All about keepinga Mutio”

  4. Hi Capn!

    Nice to see you here 🙂 Yes, the doujin you are referring to would be “Mutio 飼いかた”, which I’ll discuss about after the holiday (its hot here in Japan). Think we’ve worked something out on email already, regarding this doujin. Hope luck is on our side. Hehe.

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