Doujinshi (同人誌) – “Another Part of Me”

 **Warning: Sexual content (cartoon nudity) on this page. Do not proceed if you’re not of legal age or don’t want to be.

“Another Part of Me”

  • Release date: 1998, Comiket 55 (?)
  • Circle & Artists: Blue Marine (BM団), 雅喜彦一郎
  • Type: Adult (18+) only
  • Characters: Kino, Verg, Blue 6 Crew
  • Status: Own (softcopy version only)
  • Rarity: Very rare, but still available online

Sale details:
This doujinshi was sold in the 1998 Winter (December) Comiket most likely, judging from the sale date printed on the back cover (30/12/1998). This makes it one of the first few BS6 related comics ever released, as the first episode was only shown in that year.

Contents & opinions:
This was the first Hentai BS6 comic I read. The comic is about 45 pages long, and contains 4 short comics, the first two about BS6. Its basically about Kino getting caught and brought into the Ghost-Ship, where she then gets sexually assaulted by Verg and some other hybrids (surprise surprise). Sounds exciting, but honestly, the artwork isn’t very impressive, and (sorry to the artists) quite badly drawn in some areas.  Kino’s hair isn’t that long. The sex scenes are however, rather interesting.

Artist info and availability:
This doujinshi can still be found online without too much searching. Actual hardcopies are probably extinct. Fans of Mutio would probably want to save their efforts. She doesn’t appear once in this comic. I can’t find any info on the circle or its artists. Seems like they’ve stopped producing works.


~ by ticktank on August 11, 2008.

2 Responses to “Doujinshi (同人誌) – “Another Part of Me””

  1. Ah, my mistake. I have scans of one doujin you don’t own about kino. Another part of me is one of the two kino doujins I was referring to in my earlier posts.

  2. Again, disregard my previous post about posting links to this doujin since it can be found pretty easily using google.

    Also, why does a kino & Verg pairing make so much sense to me?

    Verg & Kino = Now that I think of it…they might just get along. Angry sex!

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