Ran Fang (蘭芳)

  • Age: 8Do not touch the display
  • Nationality: Unknown (Singaporean?)
  • Occupation: None; Street Orphan 
  • Appearances: DC

BIOGRAPHY (Unofficial)
A street orphan living in the slums of Shin Sekai City. She takes a liking to Hayami and follows him throughout his adventures there, after witnessing his kind act towards a stray dog. Ran Fang is strangely knowledgable in Grampus and ship mechanics, and become a vital ally and friend to Hayami. However, her past, and her missing parents, contain many secrets that are tied to the history and politics of SSK city… 

My thoughts & opinions
This little girl starts off as nothing more than a little pest who self-invited herself into Hayami’s life. Later however, she becomes a helpful ally to Hayami’s salvaging operations. Ran Fang has little to no memory of her parents, but it is eventually revealed that she is the daughter of Admiral Bayard, a sub Captain who rebelled against SSK city & Blue Fleet, and unsuccessfully sought to topple its government many years ago. Bayard has also hidden one of the three keys needed to reactivate his submarine inside Ran Fang’s Pendant, which was given to her by her mother. She’s rather cute and likeable after awhile, and makes the game alot more enjoyable to play.

Ran Fang also matures a lot at the end of the game, telling Hayami that she is staying to help rebuild SSK, and work towards achieving her father’s vision of a unified population. She resembles Kino slightly, and may be the reason why Hayami eventually accepted Kino’s request for him to rejoin Blue Fleet.


~ by ticktank on August 9, 2008.

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