Blue 6 – Ao No Rokugo (青の6号)

  • Country of Origin: Japan
  • Color(s): Silver, Yellow, Red (DC); Blue, Purple (OVA)
  • Status after the OVA: In active duty

The ship in which the title of this show is derived from. Like the Ghost-Ship, its actual name (“Ryuoh”) is never once mentioned. Blue 6 is a symbol of many of mankind’s defining qualities – its resilience, technological pride, cunning and multi-racial composition. This is made possible by the sound leadership and skills of its Captain – Tokuhiro Iga, and his trusty crew.

Blue 6 is shaped like a dolphin, and is the only submarine in Blue Fleet that possesses the Lorenzini System– a specialized sonar that can identify the sounds made by Chimeran ships (which are otherwise almost indistinguishable from other marine lifeforms). The Lorenzini System is of course, only operable by psychics like Huang.

The BS6: Antarctica game gives us a very good glimpse into the layout of the sub, and the activites of its crew. Blue 6 has a crew size of over 70 personnel. Grampus Pilots and officers are given their own private bunks. The sub also boasts facilities like a gym, two spacious meeting rooms and FOUR Grampus launch bays.

Blue 6 was originally coated in bright silver, with yellow and red line markings. In a fierce battle against the Ghost-Ship off the coast of SSK City (during the Time & Tide DC game), Blue 6 was crippled and badly damaged by the battleship, but miraculously managed to escape, after a surprise intervention by the rogue submarine ‘X’.  It is assumed that Blue 6 was given a new paintjob (to the standard Blue & Purple combination we are familiar with) after this battle.

Verg is obsessed with destroying Blue 6, presumably because the sub has been a thorn on their side, and may have even defeated him before. The time between the events in the DC game and the start of the OVA is at least a year, so its pretty amazing that he’s been giving chase throughout that time. One can’t help but wonder why Blue Fleet didn’t capitalize on this, and set up an ambush…


~ by ticktank on August 8, 2008.

6 Responses to “Blue 6 – Ao No Rokugo (青の6号)”

  1. The the Lorenzini System has nothing do with sonar or sound.

    It provides Blue 6 the capability of detecting electrical fields as well as temperature gradients in the water. Remember Iga looking through that periscope-like view port? “Not yet, not-yet…”

    Since all living creatures produce an electrical field in muscle contractions, it would be useful to detect an enemy such as the enormous Musicas as well as the Ghost ship with this method, since both are alive.

    It is called elctroreception, the biological ability to perceive electrical impulses.
    Many primitive fish such as sharks, rays, lampreys, bichirs, lungfish, coelacanths, and sturgeons have electroreceptive senses which are believed to be derived from the lateral line sense. This sense operates in two main modalities; active and passive.

    It is particularly common among aquatic creatures since conductors such as salt are more easily suspended in water than in air. It is used for electrolocation (detecting objects) and for electrocommunication. There are no known cases of mimicry involving electroreception, though it is theoretically possible. Blue sub 6’s Lorenzini System would be a great example for a technological adoption for elctroreception.
    Perhaps better than sonar in some circumstances.

  2. Huang puts off a psychic vibe to me since she gets that weird Mutio flashback. what the hell is a ‘bichir’?

  3. i havn’t seen the show in years. whats the propulsion system, nuclear, AIP?

  4. Hi J-K, I can’t remember if there was an exact name for it either (will need to view the DVD again), but what I do clearly remember is that the system is a new ‘water based’ type of ‘near-silent’ electromagnetic propulsion system – the glowing bits you see around the sides of B6 as well as the other subs. B6 still has a propeller though. 😛

    • very interesting. i actually wathced the movie yesterday. it’s an awesome movie. i did notice the glowing bar on the sides of B6. i like this movie because of the veiw it gives of what submarines could be in the future, plus i’m a major submarine freak. another note, the propulsion system seems somewhat similar to the propulsion system used on the Typhoon class submarine in the movie “The Hunt For Red October” which makes it invisible to any sonar system, much like the B6.

  5. blue submarine No 6 concept art 3

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