Verg / Belg (ベルグ)

  • Age: Unknown (10-18?)Why so serious?
  • Cell Combinations: Shark 
  • Occupation: Ghost-Ship Captain, Chimeran Army Commander, potential wife beater 
  • Appearances: OVA, PS1, DC

BIOGRAPHY (Unofficial)
Highly aggressive and impulsive, but is completely loyal to Zorndyke. Captain of the Chimeran flagship, Verg enjoys his position of power, and is used to receiving complete obedience from his followers. The firepower and environmental advantages of his army compensates for his generally simple tactics.

My thoughts & opinions
Let me first say that Verg is IMO, a cool character, and well designed. However, his character was horribly one-dimensional…for the first 3 episodes of the OVA. He was portrayed as nothing more than an angry, abusive villain driven by one objective – to destroy Blue 6. Not only that, he was also shown to have an impulsive and immature side, judging from his treatment of Mutio and her sisters.

His role in 青の6号: Time & Tide (DC) is not much different from the anime. He shows up towards the end of the game and starts to bomb SSK city, and ends up fighting not just Blue 6 but also the rogue submarine ‘X’ as well. Though he ultimately suffers defeat in this battle, he manages to escape and fight another day.

He really shines at the end of the BS6: Antarctica game, and his character is given alot more depth. Verg and Mutio return to the Ghost Ship to mourn with the rest of their siblings (after Zorndyke’s ‘funeral’). Marcello arrives shortly afterwards and announces his plans to steal Sub Zero and nuke the poleshift device – effectively going against Zorndyke’s final wish. It would not have been surprising if Verg proceeded to help Marcello, or at the very least, ignored him, given his statement of never wanting to associate with humans again, plus the hate he still carried. 

In a completely unexpected move however, Verg actually turned against his evil brother and helped Blue 6 by crippling Marcello’s flagship (face turn!). This action symbolized his silent but ultimate acceptance of Hayami’s earlier plea on behalf of Zorndyke (for both species to live peacefully), as well as his undying loyalty towards his Papa, even after his death. And then in the final FMV, we see Verg expressing deep remorse, for the first time, towards Mutio, after the latter returned to save him from his suicide attempt.

I don’t think Verg will ever be hosting tea parties with humans even after this; he is still rather bitter and arrogant. At the very least however, it wouldn’t be far fetched to imagine him living a life of a recluse, out of respect of his siblings (especially Mutio), who desire peace.

Verg is often seen together with Mutio in numerous official and fan artworks, which I suppose makes sense since they’re the two main characters on the ‘enemy’ side, and are of the same species. There’s no implied romance between the two, thankfully 😛


~ by ticktank on August 6, 2008.

8 Responses to “Verg / Belg (ベルグ)”

  1. Good afternoon! Vy name is Ksenia Lukina. I consider that Verg – in a reality is the protagonist of a film. It seems to me that it was possible to open its character more brightly. It not only “the difficult child”, but the deep and interesting character. There is in it any charm. I consider that it – unique really successful creation of the professor in which that has enclosed the soul. It is very a pity to me it. I and my friends in Russia very much would like, that continuation of this remarkable film all the same has been removed. So painfully to leave favourite characters! The world nevertheless should be!

    Yours faithfully,

  2. Hi Ksenia,

    I do understand what you’re saying I assure you :P. I likewise was hoping for more character development in Verg during the OVA,as he did give viewers the impression that there was more to his personality than what was shown. He could have snapped Hayami in two *realy* quickly if he wanted to I’m sure. At least GONZO redeemed themselves somewhat in the BS6: antarctica game.

    Its both surprising and great to know that there are fans of BS6 even in Russia. The international appeal of this anime really means something.

    By the way going off topic: speaking as a straight guy, I think your Prime Minister is one manly badass. Saving a news crew from a tiger and a black belt in Judo?! Whoa.

  3. Many thanks for your answer, ticktank! I heard about this game, but, unfortunately, at us in its Russia it is difficult to get. Also we practically do not have the sites, devoted to a film…: ((Well anything, I will search further! Many thanks for your site! It very interesting and beautiful – I am glad that there are people who love this film the same as also you!

    Also about Putin – we it love thanks for your words. It the rigid person, but very clever and attractive. It helps us in all. And most of all we want that all over the world there were no more wars… Once again many thanks!
    Good luck to you and your site!!!


  4. Oh, yes, has forgotten to add: thanks for the description of a plot of the BS6: antarctica game! And I am really glad that character of Verg has opened from the best party as I and hoped!*:)* It it is simple well done!:))))

  5. This made me so happy when I found this. So many people demonize his character- when he’s nothing short of the common son trying to get the all mighty ‘validation from the father’ as his english actor once said. He’s my favorite character in BS6 😉 in case you couldn’t tell. I’m so glad he had a more positive…almost heroic role in the video game.

  6. Hehe yeah he did get alot of character development in the PS1 game. Verg isn’t my fav character, but he’s pretty cool imo. Not counting the women-abusing moments. 😛

    Glad that my little blog has entertained you. We’ll be in touch on DA.

  7. Verg, of all things I can’t realy see him as a very intellegent being. He seems almost like a child in a adults body, and the question I would asks is is he even an adult? Why would his sibblings even set him as a leader…. Well apparently becuase he was physicaly the strongest of the chimera. Is probobly have been better if say Amonyushuu was their leader but then, we wouldn’t have this fantastic anime. Sad that they ended the series so upruptly but how could they restart the series?

  8. i believe it was Verg who started the war. Why? All because papa is so sad, boohoo, and then he goes and attack innocent human citites. If Verg ever learns the truth about his papa, he would probably commit suicide because he will then learn that he was nothing more than the real murdering theif himself.

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